HP EliteDesk 800 G5 Tower Desktop PC – Mini Desktop Workstation

HP EliteDesk 800 G5

Not all tower PCs are meant for everyone – But the HP EliteDesk 800 promises modern-day solutions for complex digital activities. It is one of the most powerful desktop tower PCs in the huge variety of pc computers.

To create an ideal workstation, you don’t always have to place big-sized space consuming desktops, monitors or other components. There are PCs like HP EliteDesk 800 G5 that can do wonders even with its concise and composed design. From its 9th Gen processor to a massive RAM of 16GB and dedicated NVIDIA graphics, you can find a lot of key features in it.


Processor: Intel Core i7 9th Gen.

RAM: 16 GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Storage: 512 GB SSD

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Warranty: 1 Year


Calling HP EliteDesk 800 a power beast shouldn’t be anything unnecessary. It features the 9th Gen Intel core i7 processor that carries the base speed frequency of 3.0 GHz. The maximum turbo speed ratio, this processor delivers is around 4.7 GHz. According to this speed mentioned on paper, the PC is able to perform even faster than expectations. We ran heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio on the PC, and it went ahead with no particular lags. The processor comes with 8 cores and 12 MB cache for faster processing speed and swift operations.


The dedicated graphics by NVIDIA armed with the HP EliteDesk G5 is the latest version known as Geforce RTX 2060. This GPU setting is best for immersive visuals and incredible gaming speeds. If you haven’t still known about it, this NVIDIA GPU unit can do best for demanding and professional gamers. Your screen will showcase no glitches at all while heavy gaming graphics processing. Plus, this GPU setting makes sure your graphics are clear, crisp, and detailed.

RAM & Storage

On the RAM side, there is a massive part that HP has put into the EliteDesk 800, which is the 16GB memory. The bigger the RAM, the better multitasking and faster your system speed becomes. Happily, enough, this RAM does an excellent job in making your system multitask like a pro. Whether you are in the middle of working on an Adobe and playing video songs on the side or operating multiple apps at once. The storage includes 512GB solid-state drive, which is the perfect grouping, keeping in mind the 16GB RAM. So, you can recklessly install, upload, and run as many programs and files as much you want.

Operating System

Who doesn’t like Window 10 Pro? Well, in case you have better options in mind, let us confirm you that this option is the best for diverse conditions. First of them include operating business-based offices and working on Windows 10 Pro. This operating system is one of the most widely used, and user-friendly operating system. If you are a big project holder, you can count on it especially with the latest Intel processor.

Build Quality and Design

The HP EliteDesk 800 is built with a very classic yet easily accommodable design. The vertical position has everything in order, including the ports which are all attached on the front side. You will also find air vent designing on the front with silver colour combination. These vents allow your system to heat up much lesser, even while the heavy noise operations.

Extra Features

This PC has number of security features added within its system including Drive lock, HP Password manager and Client suite. It has many other configuration options and improvised security features that enable the PC to be securer. Also, there are 7 expansion slots which include PCI-e-slot and M.2 slots.


If you have always wanted to enhance your workstation to another level, without consuming much space, this one can be the right choice. It adds a lot to your desk without consuming even the half of the space. Adjust it under your desk or make it work while it’s placed on your desk, the performance will speak for itself. What we like most about this PC is its reliable, powerful and efficient performance that did not play when it came to speeds. Check out user reviews and more specs of this HP Desktop PC directly from Laptop Outlet UK.