New Incredible AI Writing Software That May Replace Me

New Incredible AI Writing Software That May Replace Me

Will 2021 finally be the year that the robots take over? I feel like that’s not as far fetched any more, after seeing this incredible AI writing software.

OK, robots may not take over the world like something from Terminator, but artificial intelligence, or just AI, may just make me unemployed. It’s pretty scary how easy it could replace me.

In this article, I’ll explain how I went from a non believer, having tried other supposed AI tools before to being convinced. I have used a bunch fo tools over the last year or two, most of which have produced barely readable garbage. It has made me feel happy, in the sense that my job, as a writer, isn’t going to be replaced by computers soon.

Then, a week ago, that all changed. It all started when I saw someone online mention a new tool, that makes writing articles and headlines as simple as a few clicks.

I am always doubtful of claims such as that, however I yearn to be proven wrong, so I signed up for a free trial. Wow.

I’ve even gone to the effort of making the below two and a half minute video, that shows me creating an article from scratch. The longest part of the process was thinking of the topic. I thought it would be amusing to get an AI to write an article of advice, on how to write good articles.

Anyway, please watch the following video.

Short video review of AI writing software

So, did you see how easy that was? I am talking less than three minutes to end up with an 891 word article, that is close to ready for publishing. That’s incredible!

Sure, the end result was not going to be confused with the works of Shakespeare. However, the text file I downloaded from this AI writing software was around 92-94% perfect. Sure, there are some full stops, commas and other grammatical symbols missing, however generally, it fit the bill. I then set out to see if I could spend a few minutes tweaking it, and then get it published somewhere as a guest post.

SPOILER: Yes, it took me all of five minutes and then I sent it out.

All I honestly did was fix the obvious mistakes, and then ensure the target phrase ‘write a good article’ was repeated regularly. I then pitched the article produced by this AI writing software, to a few websites.

Within a few hours, I had the final article published. Bingo!

Do you want to see the article? Rather than link it right here, you’ll find the link to the final published article over on the video description for my YouTube video. Go take a look.

Will this AI writing software replace humans?
Will this AI writing software replace humans?

Try it yourself

The creators of this web based writers software are generously offering free trials at the moment, and as an added bonus, if you sign up for a test spin using this link, you’ll also get some free credits. Who knows? You may find that it saves you hours per week in no time at all.

In Summary

There will always be a need for quality writers who have a fantastic grasp of the English language, and know what an oxford comma is, are passionate about the use of list items and the like. However, there is also a segment of the content production industry that could well use a tool such as this AI writing software, to do their job in less time, and for much cheaper prices.

It is a brave new world in the future, and it feels like the future is not as far away as we once thought. We are living the future every day, and this AI writing software just proves this statement.

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