Inspiration for Red Carpet Makeup Looks 2022

Red Carpet Makeup

Red carpet makeup is a genre all to itself with some iconic looks in media appearing on the red carpet. We have all seen plenty of footage of celebrities walking down the red carpet and posing for cameras at movie premieres and award shows. The glitz and glamour is cranked up all the way to show us beautiful people dressed in the most expensive, designer gowns, luxury jewels, and professionally polished hair and makeup. However, most of us do not have the luxury of an entire beauty team helping to put us together before we head out to a party or special event. We do our own makeup at home and often try to model ourselves after the looks our favorite celebrities brought to an event. After a while of watching red carpet shows live on television or pulling up pictures of celebs at these events, you eventually start to notice some patterns. There are certain styles of looks that typically get reworked and repeated at multiple events by multiple people. With all of these occurrences, you should eventually realize that most of these red carpet makeup looks can be split up into a few different categories of beauty. Let’s go over each one of those categories to see what you can do to create a glamorous makeup look fit for a movie premiere, all by yourself. Even without a hair and makeup team standing in your corner, you can still look like a Hollywood bombshell all on your own.

Bold Lip Color (Red Carpet Makeup)

Red carpet makeup looks tend to be much more simple than people might realize at first. They often come down to a single statement, with all other features being toned down and neutral. On the red carpets, a statement lip is a pretty popular look that we see executed fairly often. Thankfully for us, it is also an easy look to execute even if you do not have the most experience with makeup. As long as you are able to create a fresh, clean base, you should be able to handle this one. Just keep your makeup simple and clean looking, then add a pop of color to the lips with a bold lip color like red, bright pink, or a dark vampy burgundy. The lip is what brings it all together and that’s it.

Smokey Eye

Similar to the bold lip, we often see celebrities rocking a bold eye look for their red carpet makeup. This normally comes out as either a dark, smokey eyeshadow look or a dark winged liner. With that, all else is minimal and allows the eye makeup to stand out without the entire look feeling overdone. It adds just enough drama to capture attention, but not so much that it feels like the different elements are fighting each other.

Maybe seeing things presented this way helped to take away some of the mystery behind red carpet makeup looks and made it feel so much more accessible to you as an everyday person. Any one of us can look like a Hollywood star, it just takes a little practice and knowing what sort of look you want to create. Pick up some beauty products and start crafting your own red carpet makeup looks for the next time you have a special event to go to, or if you just want to feel like a star any time of day. You can find lots of the products mentioned here online at, so check them out and stock up on any beauty products you might need. It is also good to remember that some skills do take practice before it feels easy and natural to handle. So even if you mess up at first, you can just wipe it off and try again.

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