Handle Essay Exam

Instruction To Handle The Essay Exam Effectively

An essay exam doesn’t have to be stressful. All you got to do is prepare beforehand. There are two ways in which you can prepare. Firstly, you can simply work on the possibilities of the days before your exam. Secondly, you can define an essay writing process or approach during the exam.

It’s best if you do both. No fast essay writing service will be able to help you nail your exam, as you will be all by yourself. So make sure you are completely aware of how to attempt an essay exam so that there are no last-minute surprises.

Phase I – Before exam preparation

  • Anticipate by recognizing the exam pattern. Go through exam papers for the last 4-5 years and check what was asked. Were the students expected to prove an argument, contrast and compare, state an opinion with examples or apply a theory in a given situation? This will help you come up with an approach.
  • You cannot become an essay writer in a day. Practice writing because an academic document needs a certain tone, vocabulary, and writing ability
  • Learn how to make an outline. This outline will help you complete your exam on time. It will act as a guidance system.

You can look up “who can write my essay?” and explore the website of professional essay writing service providers. They always put up samples and templates for essays, which can give you a fair idea.

Phase II- During Exam

  • Read the essay instructions and guidelines. Follow the format as indicated or the one that you have practised all year round. Don’t attempt anything new.
  • The thesis must address your essay question. Hence write down your thesis as strong and influential.
  • You can list down all your pointers and start making an outline as the first step. It’s of great importance that you work based on an outline. Unlike a fast essay writing company, you will not be able to cope up with the timeline pressure. It can lead to incomplete essays and eventually losing grades.
  • Only put logical work at play. Come up with academic and professional vocabulary. Keep your referencing game strong. An essay is non-influential without its supporting evidence.
  • Keep your clock close. Set a timer so that you know how much time you need to spend on every section

Things To Avoid In An Essay Exam

  • Don’t make unnecessary elaborations of self-explanatory pointers. Professors know when students try to match up the word length with non-relevant content. Go for a precise approach.
  • Your essay must answer only the main topic. Don’t beat around the bush. You may know many things about a topic but not everything is apt for your essay. Keep them to yourselves.


Your essay in the exam should be straight and to the point. Don’t leave anything for your professors to figure out. The more smooth writing it has, the more are your chances to score well. Read the do’s and don’ts mentioned above and you will be all set for your essay exam.