Cold Steel Tanto Knife: You Need to Add to Your Collection in 2022

Cold Steel Tanto Knife

In short, Cold Steel products equate to quality – and if you’ve been looking for a new Cold Steel Tanto Knife to round out your collection this year, we have just what you need.

Know about Cold Steel Tanto Knife: 

Cold Steel, known best for its ridiculous marketing videos that can run a tad on the divisive side, is nevertheless a reputable producer of some of the finest, highest-quality knives and tools in the industry today. Everyone from collectors of tacticool equipment to unassuming, down-to-earth sportsmen enjoy their products. They are, generally speaking, very affordable, and exhibit remarkably high quality and durability across the board.

Check out the Cold Steel Tanto Knife Mini Leatherneck, available online at White Mountain Knives for a reasonable price of $25.99. It’s a budget knife that punches well outside of its weight class, and is widely useful for hunting, campcraft, hiking, survival, and of course, as a tactical knife.

Tipping the scales at a mere 3.3 ounces and coming in at 6 and three quarters of an inch overall, it’s compact by any means – but don’t let that size fool you. It sports a gently curved 3 and a half in blade of 8Cr13MoV steel – both tough and resistant to corrosion, in the likeness of a gently swept – and short – tanto blade profile.

The unique geometry and grind of a tanto blade give it exceptional strength near the tip without compromising much of the cutting edge. As a result, this knife is ideal for both penetration and slicing, making it useful as a blade for general utility and campcraft as well as for training or other tactical or military applications.

The blade sports a crossguard, somewhat a-la-KA-BAR or OKC’s venerable 499, which provides a sure grip and protects the user’s hands during hard use. The knife also features a semi-compressed black Kray-Ex handle with aggressive texturing, that is somehow both comfortable and extremely tactile at the same time. Kray-Ex will not absorb liquids or interact adversely with the elements, so it requires effectively no maintenance and will remain “grippy” even in the worst of conditions. It even features a lanyard hole through the pommel area of the handle for those that want to add on a loop of p-cord.

The sheath is another real winner in this pairing and doesn’t take for granted the fact that many knives miss out on points for having low quality sheaths. This Cold Steel tanto knife comes with a tough, custom-molded Secure-Ex sheath for a sure mount no matter how you carry the knife. Speaking of which, this style of sheath is extraordinarily adaptable and can be lashed to a pack, rigged for scout carry, or carried up or down, depending on how it’s lashed.

Call this an Americanized tanto if you will, but this razor sharp fixed blade is anything but a gimmick. Small, simple, and sturdy, it is the envy of all those that don’t have one yet and the pride of those that do.

That brings you to getting one for a great price, which you can do by checking out the listing online at Their prices are great and they offer free shipping in the U.S., but most importantly, this is far from the only Cold Steel Tanto Knife that they offer.

In addition to this, there are countless other highlights of Cold Steel’s exemplary excellence, including a variety of other tanto-style blades, all at great prices. If this diminutive model hasn’t appealed to you, simply visit White Mountain Knives to find a Cold Steel model that does – there are plenty more where it came from.


White Mountain Knives, LLC is an online retailer selling knives and tactical gear in the United States and Internationally. We pioneered the modern folding knife , those who know carry knife like Spyderco, Buck Survival etc .

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