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 What are finishing services?

When a company makes a product, they first make the prototype of the same product to portray their true product; but for that, they need to ensure that the prototype closely resembles the final product. The prototype should look clean, and presentable finishing services do the same.

It makes your prototype look cleaner than what it appears just after manufactured, by applying various procedures. When manufacturing a product, we need a clean and presentable tested prototype that is presented to our potential buyers such that it looks appealing to their eyes. All they care about is how it looks from the outside; the more it appears attractive, the more it can catch the price. It is so that buyers can experience what they are buying.

Why do we need finishing services?

The prototype we get after manufacturing looks dull and unfinished and if we present that to our potential buyers, then they might not love it, and then you have a great chance of losing your deal as the looks of your product also play an important role in increasing your product sales. finishing services make your product more presentable to others.

Their main service is to make the surface of your prototype hard, look more clean, attractive, appealing to buyer’s eyes. They do it by applying certain processes of decorations; like lamination, die, or embossing.

Types of finishing services

There are different type of finishing service provided by different companies, some of the methods are:

  • Anodization surface finishing: Electrolytic method used for the aluminum surface. In this, we apply electricity on aluminum and emerge it into the electrolyte to get a lustrous coating by the thickness of coating it is further divided into three types namely chromic acid anodize, sulfuric acid anodize and, hard coat anodize. Cost low and easy to maintain.
  • Vapor polishing: It is a method used for polishing the plastic surface to improve its surface quality and; reduce its surface roughness. It is the best and fastest method to get optimal transparency.
  • Pad printing: It is also called tomography, used to print 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional parts. It has three main components namely the pad, plate and, ink cup.
  • Sandblasting: it is also known as abrasive blasting known for its process of smoothening, cleaning, and shaping a hard surface using sand particles like copper ore, etc.
  • Painting: it is a kind of decoration covering which uses paints like plastic paint or simple paint. It provides us an attractive and smooth surface.

How to find the right finishing services?

Finding the right finishing services depends on your product material and the type of service you need, like whether you like to put extra protective and beautiful coating or need to simply paint the outer part so that, it looks beautiful.

So before searching for a service, you first need to know your requirement and then filter it out. Now, look at the reviews they got for their services, the efficiency of the show and time they take and last but not least the price they offer for their services. By this, you can select the best services from out there.

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