Kudremukha Trek – Full Guide

It is a shape and call of the height shaped withinside the Chikkamagaluru vicinity, withinside the province, India. Together with the call of the low-stage station of the hills approximately twenty kilometers from Kalasa. The call Kudremukh truly approaches ‘horse face’ (Kannada) and refers to chose readings from a mountain phase much like the horse’s face. Kudremukha parkland is the second one biggest covered flora and fauna sanctuary withinside the evergreen tropical rainforest withinside the Western Ghats. Kudremukh parkland is placed withinside the Chikkamagaluru vicinity of the State. The Western Ghats are one of the world’s maximum well-known landmarks. Kudremukh parkland comes beneath neath the Tiger Conservation Priority-I worldwide. The south and west facets of the park kinda brief slope of the Western Ghats ridgeline, with various heights from the hundred – 1892 m (height). The northern, central, and Japanese elements of the park constitute a sequence of rolling hills withinside the color of the herbal home wooded area. Kudremukh gets a mean annual rainfall of 7,000 millimeters in keeping with the year, especially because of the variety of inexperienced forests observed here.

About Kudermukha

Kudremukh nearly approaches the face of a horse withinside the South Dravidian. This call is because of a distinct shape of elevation. this will be together referred to as Samseparvath historically as it isn’t allowed to attain the Samse valley. Kudremukh is close to the coronary heart of the western ghats withinside the Chikkamagaluru vicinity. settled withinside the AN region of ​​six meters, 207 meters and is the 1/3 maximum height in which Mullayyangiri and cake Budangiri. Kudremukh may be domestic to numerous flowers and animals. you’ll also be capable of see cervids and peacocks this manner withinside the center of a distinct lifestyles at the same time as walking! it’s miles a captivating adventure thru the rugged hills and fog valleys. Rolling over barren hills, rolling hills, wooded area paths, bamboo timber and twelve waterfalls, the Kudremukh Peak trek has it all; Not surprisingly, it’s miles referred to as the southernmost plateau. The splendor of the area stays colourful at the experience and might wonder anyone. returning beneathneath the nation of Chikmagalur, the Kudremukh trek is one of the maximum thrilling routes withinside the vicinity. it’s miles the 1/3 maximum height in which Mullayanagiri and Babududiri. Suck the amusing of the Western Ghats as you climb the road. only some humans apprehend the reality that Western Ghats ar suppose like UN agency World Heritage internet site for herbal splendor and being a image of herbal stability so bloodless air can absolutely clean your thoughts and make you numb for a couple of minutes earlier than you regain consciousness. This interesting complete-time experience to Kudremukh starts offevolved with an in a single day trek from Bangalore. do not leave out this possibility anyplace you may go to the astounding trails and get in the direction of nature. The Kudremukh excursion gives scrumptious food, accommodations and lodging from Bangalore.


The Kudremukh Forest Department has issued a word anyplace it’s miles set to permit 50 applicants to journey on a each day foundation to make sure greater paintings and wooded area conservation. As lengthy as we do now no longer commonly get the approval of the group, any other experience to Kurinjal Peak might be organized with the aid of using PTU and there might be no refund for bookings made for Kuduremukh Trek.

Kudremukh Trek Highlights:

Take an experience to the Western Ghats trapped in dense jungles, with whistling birds to create a lovely and appealing analyzing withinside the highlands.

Stay refreshed withinside the fall of Elniru.

Hear approximately the conventional education on the captivating Bella Homestay

Spend a complete day of hiking to the summit of Kudremukh.

A excellent time to go

The great time to visit Kudremukh strolling is withinside the iciness all of the manner from Nov to Feb. Heat in the course of this factor from fourteen to thirty-3 stargazer which makes it very thrilling in the course of the adventure to Kudremukh.

Catching materials

Identity Card

2 liters of water

A lamp with new cells

Sleep bag or napping sheet

Energy powder or Glucon D powder

You can eat & biscuits

An extra aggregate of clothing

A smooth serviette or towel

Cap, sunglasses, scarf

Haversack or backpack


Please deliver customized remedy if available

Hand sanitizer

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