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Kumara Parvatha trip is possibly the toughest trek in Western Ghats, South India located in Pushpagiri, to save the forest near Kukke Subramanya town. If it’s not too much trouble locate the total Guide for the Kumara Parvatha underneath:

Note: As referenced prior outdoors at top is prohibited. However, it is permitted anyplace among Bhattrumane and the woodland dept. Open air fire isn’t permitted anyplace besides for the situation when outdoors is done close to woods dept. One can trek till the outdoors area and begin trekking till top the following day even as right on time as 3 – 3:30 AM.

Kumara Parvatha trekking courses: 

There are two trekking courses to Kumara Parvatha trek:

– From Somwarpet

– From Kukke Subramanya

From Somwarpet side, it is one day of climbing. There are more cascades on the way and profound timberlands also. All out climbing good ways from Somwarpet side is around 6 to 7 Kms one side.

From Subramanya side, it is a more drawn out trek. Absolute climbing good ways from Subramanya to Kumara Parvatha top is around 16 Kms. There are knolls, greenery, and the perspective on the Western Ghats. Additionally, the Pushpagiri save woods lies in transit which is renowned for blossoms after the rainstorm.

How to arrive at Subramanya, Kumara Parvatha Trek beginning stage? 

One can arrive at Subramanya from Bangalore by transport or train. There are immediate transports from Bangalore to Subramanya which can be reserved online at KSRTC sites. There are additionally immediate trains from Bangalore to Subramanya.

Nonetheless, Subramanya transport stand is closer to the Subramanya town from where the Kumara Parvatha trek starts. On the off chance that you pass via train, Subramanya railroad station is around 20 Kms from Subramanya town. So you should take a jeep from the railroad station to Subramanya town.

Attempt to show up at the railroad station or the transport remain toward the beginning of the day so you can begin the trek early. There are latrines in the central avenue of Subramanya sanctuary where you can get new in the first part of the day. There are likewise shops which open in the first part of the day. You can eat there toward the beginning of the day and furthermore pack some food prior to beginning for the Kumara Parvatha trek.

Kumara Parvatha Camping locales: 

Prior individuals used to camp at the Kumara Parvatha top however now it has been prohibited by the timberland division of Girigadde or Pushpagiri. Presently you can camp just closer to the Mantapa or closer to the timberland office. You are not permitted to camp at the Kumara Parvatha Peak.

Be that as it may, the woodland office permits you to go to the pinnacle however you should give up your tent and outdoors outfits at the timberland office. You should return before supper and pitch your camp there.

Kumara Parvatha is one of those marvelous treks from Karnataka which begins with “K”. Other lovely treks which start with letter K are Kodchadri and Kudremukh yet you ought to likewise fail to remember Tadiandamol, Nishani betta, Mullayanagiri and so forth

Kumara Parvatha trek Plan: 

The following is the arrangement I might want to suggest for you:

– Get down at subramanya and get new at the public latrines on the central avenue of Subramanya sanctuary

– Have an early breakfast from the shops in a similar road and furthermore put together some lunch on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay at mane.

– Reach woodland office, pay the timberland passage charges and abandon your outdoors cog wheels to Kumara Parvatha trek (recollect outdoors isn’t permitted at the pinnacle).

– Enjoy at the pinnacle and return and set up a campsite close to the timberland division or at Mantapa.

How I felt there? 

A sheep got at just about 5600 feet. Climate at that point? cold and blustery; dim; dim; mists had started to wash our face. We covered the packs. why? those had got soaked for the time being. Setting up the shelter was the hardest employment at that point practically equivalent to contributing solidified woods solidified climate with hands shuddering.

Soups were as delectable as at no other time. Camping bed was never such warm ever. Winds were never such exciting, cold and unpleasantly murmuring in our ears. I never felt such a great amount of cognizant, inside the dozing tent. Consider the possibility that a hyena stubbles me around evening time and smell the human inside. Slipped inside the camping bed. At the point when I was snoozing never figured it out.

Things To Carry: 

– Backpack

– Rain coat/Poncho

– Water bottles

– Energy food

– Personal drug

– Sweater/coats for the evening

– Extra pair of garments

– Toiletry sack

– Sports shoes or trekking shoes in great condition

– Flashlight/Torch with additional batteries

– Track jeans and cotton T-shirt

– Camera (discretionary)

– Moov splash, dettol arrangement or salt to evade leeches

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