Look after your Skin Microbiome In 2023

Skin Microbiome

Look after your Skin Microbiome: You may have heard the buzzword microbiome associated with gut health, but what about skin health?

According to Dr. Ian Holten from Australian Skin Face and Body, the skin is colonized by a diverse array of micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even mites(!), most of which are considered harmless or beneficial to skin health. Colonization is variable depending on bodily location, inherited internal health factors (genetics), and environmental influences (epigenetics).

look after skin

Let’s talk about skin microbiome:

Ultimately it is incredibly important to ensure you are using the right products on your skin to encourage a healthy skin microbiome. Dr. Holten says that skin maintenance is crucial and helps facials to achieve longevity in results.

An optimised topical skin diet, comprising all of the topical vitamins, minerals, lipids, and proteins necessary for optimal skin health, is the best way to ensure a healthy skin microbiome. This ideal topical skin nutrition is represented in its perfect form in the range of products available from ASFB clinics located in Geelong, Warrnambool, Horsham, and Ballarat.

Plastic surgeon Ian Holten has supported this ideology strongly and is proud of his team’s achievements, all dermatologically trained to provide a range of treatments and stocking products across different price points. The ASFB team includes nurses and skin experts with decades of experience assisting with everything from dermal therapies for problematic skin to anti-aging treatments.

“It is important people understand it is not just what you have done in the clinic, but how you scaffold your skin with high-quality products, scientifically designed to enhance your skin and protect it from the elements. This is particularly important in our Australian climate, which can be incredibly harsh on skin” says Holten.

ASFB has an eclectic menu of treatments and products available at its various locations in Geelong, Ballarat, Horsham and Warrnambool. Australian Skin Face Body is a team of expert trained surgeons, nurses and therapists. The team provides guidance and support in choosing the surgical or non-surgical options best suited to you.

They combine experience, personal attention and the most modern technology to achieve realistic results. Dr. Ian Holten, Plastic Surgeon, encourages people to always see a skin care professional to ensure you are receiving the best and latest treatment for your condition.

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