Make Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai With Us

dubai desert safari

Take an adventurous, exhilarating, yet affordable desert safari in Dubai. Choose from a range of different tours offered by tour operators in Dubai that combine desert safari with time in another exciting adventure to unwind the mind and body. Dubai is the most visited tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making it a great vacation spot for families.

Choose from a variety of tours offered by leading tour operators in Dubai that combine Dubai desert safari with time in a luxurious 4×4 drive along the desert. The drive allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the desert safari at your own pace. You can stop where you feel comfortable and take in the scenery. At night, you can still enjoy dinner and rest on the sands of the desert.

Choose from a range of deserts for your desert safari in Dubai. The Palm Desert and the Al Hajar Mountains are the two places where you can enjoy desert safari in Dubai. These 2 destinations offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire country. The Palm Desert has sand dunes, palm trees, and other vegetation that give a picturesque scene. The Al Hajar Mountains has rugged terrain and craggy cliffs.

Take a hot air balloon ride above the desert to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region during your desert safari in Dubai. The Al Boom Tourist Bureau arranges this special hot air balloon trip, which leaves from the Burhan Al Arab Hotel. The ride takes over an hour and a half. It is scheduled for several times throughout the year.

During your desert safari in Dubai you will need to visit at least one tourist attraction. The World’s Only 10 Star Hotel is located in Burhan Al Arab. This hotel overlooks the Burhan Al Arab plain and its waterside gardens are famous for their breathtaking view. The gardens also house a swimming pool, sauna, and a fitness center. The hotel also offers visitors luxurious amenities and service.

You can enjoy an adventurous trip on a four-wheel drive vehicle that starts off from Dubai Creek. You can reach the start of this drive at Sharm El Sheikh. The four-wheel drive allows you to go through rocky terrains, sandy soil, and steep mountain slopes. Traveling with a companion is recommended in order to prevent driving injuries. After reaching Sharm El Sheikh, the four-wheel drive continues on to Al-Gabel, where you can continue on to Al-Jumeirah, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

If you prefer to ride in a hot air balloon then you will first have to fly to Dubai. A trip to Dubai on a hot air balloon is truly amazing and you can witness the sun setting over the horizon. A desert safari in Dubai gives tourists the opportunity to view all the beautiful scenery that the city has to offer. You can stop by at the Dubai Museum and then take a hot air balloon ride to the Al Boom Tourist Village. This tour highlights tourist attractions in Dubai, but there are still other attractions in Dubai that you should not miss.

One of the most popular activities that travelers like to do while in Dubai is enjoying the night desert safari. The hot air balloon ride gives you the chance to experience the magic of the desert. You can expect to view spectacular views such as the Silver Desert, The Palm Trees on the south east side of Dubai and The Rock on the north west side. After experiencing the desert for about an hour, you will return to the Dubai city. One of the best things about an evening desert safari in Dubai is that you will get to stay inside the hot air balloon and take in all the sights without having to worry about anything else. A luxurious tent will be provided for you will have all the amenities that you require.