Military Surplus Rifles: A Great Deal?

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Many firearms are produced simply as an improvement over previous models. Among these, some of them go on to generate a huge amount of repute among users, for a variety of purposes. Take a legendary shotgun like the Remington 870. It’s a piece of solid steel with twin bar action that is buttery smooth from the factory and prevents binding. It’s reliable in every aspect. Because of this, it has generated a huge amount of notoriety amongs hunters, clay shooters and other competitors, practitioners of home defense, and military and law enforcement. There hundreds of thousands if not millions of 870s that have been produced for tactical applications.

Not all firearms are as lucky as the 870, and not all firearms are developed for such purposes. You’re lucky as a civilian that you can simply go and pick a model up. Some other models of firearms are specifically produced under contract to government agencies and are rarely if ever made available for sale to private citizens.

This is unfortunate, as there are many popular rifles, such as the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine, Mosin-Nagant, the Lee-Enfield and the M16 which would be very difficult for many citizens to acquire. However, there is a solution for those who appreciate the performance or collectible value of these rifles but obviously wouldn’t be able to purchase them new from the factory.

That solution lies in finding military surplus rifles for sale. Incidentally, looking for military surplus firearms is a great way to come up with a solution for finding these rifles, but it comes with a lot of other perks as well.

First off, and most obviously, many of these rifles own legendary reputations. Whether for use as a military rifle or for the legendary performance of associated rounds like 8mm Mauser cartridges, military surplus rifles lay claim to no small repute. When well kept, some of these can be found in good condition or even better and are still extremely dependable, accurate rifles.

There is also historical value attributable to many surplus rifles. While you might be in the game for a rifle with a straight pull for use as a hunting rifle, arms that served in World War I or World War II command no small admiration.

In addition to the fact that surplus is often the only way to find some of these rifles, there is the fact that you can potentially get an excellent deal on the transaction. Occasionally, you can find military surplus rifles for sale at gun shops that are in excellent condition, in good working order, for a fraction of the price that you might expect. On that note, surplus is an avenue to find firearms that you literally could not buy elsewhere, and might even get you a steal in the process.

With that being said, shopping for military surplus is a labor of love. It is as best unpredictable and at worst unreliable, even when you make a habit of shopping at a venue that normally circulates a variety of surplus deals. However, even though it’s still a game of chance, shopping with the right provider will increase your odds.

Incidentally, that provider is Sarco, Inc., whose online store you can conveniently shop at With a huge inventory of collectible and used firearms, ranging from semi auto rifle platforms to bolt action rifles with internal magazines and everything in between, Sarco, Inc., is the place to turn to for your needs in firearms collection and maintenance.

Plus, you’ll want to keep up on what they offer if you’re in it to score a deal. Give them a call at 610-250-3960 today and pick their minds on what they offer and what’s upcoming. Even if they don’t have it right now, they’ll come up with a plan for you.

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