What Are Next Generation Smart Homes at Haus.Me

Next Generation Smart Homes

Haus.me just launched ordering next-generation Self-Sustainable smart homes that are entirely off-the-grid capable and could set a new standard for what we demand in a house.

What is A Smart Home

A smart home has equipped internet-enabled devices and appliances that enable remote access and control. Typically, these devices communicate with each other over a wireless network, or the cloud, allowing you to control them from your smartphone or laptop.

You can also use your smart home’s sensors to collect information about the environment inside of your house: temperature, humidity levels and air quality are some examples.

Zombie Proof Luxury House

Haus designed new home models that combine 3D printing, connected smart home technology, and SpaceX-worthy construction principles. These homes have zero carbon emissions, can operate entirely off the grid with their own power, water, and septic system, and are designed to last 10x longer than traditional construction while maintaining a living space that is 99% free of viruses and bacteria.

They can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. The BBC Disruptors series states that they are also built to be zombie proof, making them a great choice for fans of The Walking Dead. Even more remarkable, manufacturers can produce these homes in weeks and deliver them the next day.

The team from NASA, Paypal, Silicon Valley Bank, and Burning Man go live with game-changing hi-tech housing design.

The Haus.me team has brought this all together in one beautiful package. The Financial Times and Google have named the team behind these next-generation homes as top tech talent. Haus recently opened a new assembly center in Reno, NV and has just begun shipping its first units to Nevada, California, and Arizona. According to their new website, customers can reserve three different models starting from $1,163 /mo payments.

Laura Wagner, one of their advisors who recently raised millions of dollars for her payments startup, including from Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington, says, “With all the billions of dollars being pledged to fix housing in America, this team seems to have the best combination of engineering and execution ability to take us into the future.”

“This is a nice house. It is very modern. It looks like Apple and Tesla designed it,” NASA Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper said, visiting the first haus.me house delivered to the customer.

Transform your home into a smart house

Haus.Me is a platform that allows you to transform your home into a smart house, using the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s like Airbnb for the way you live. You can rent out your extra rooms or entire home with Haus.Me, and book your next stay without having to worry about cleaning up or worrying about safety issues; Haus.Me does it all for you!

Haus.me is not only an online platform for booking accommodations in other people’s houses, but they are also actively building their own products that seamlessly integrate with each other through IoT technology. This enables everyone to experience the comforts of home while enjoying the amenities of a hotel, such as having meals cooked by someone else during work hours or having their place cleaned after messy parties where accidental spills occurred.

The idea behind this venture came from our founder who experienced problems finding good places near her job location during visits back home because most hotels were expensive or didn’t have availability despite being close enough distance away from downtown areas such as Singapore City Centre Area (SCA), Little India & Bugis Village Area where many companies are located.”

View Next Generation Smart Homes

Next Generation Smart Homes

To view more of this revolutionary startup’s specs and designs, visit their website at haus.me, including remarkable videos of delivery.

While founder Max Gerbut says their latest fundraising round is expected to be oversubscribed in the next few weeks, those interested in investing in Haus can also check them out at http://haus.me/for-investors.


Haus.Me excites us about the future of connected home technologies and convinces us that there is a lot more we can do to make our lives much easier. We aim to bring together all these technologies into one single app with Haus.Me, which will leave you with more time for yourself and reduce stress in managing your home.

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