Things To Keep In Mind When Planning To Add Plants To Your Space

Things to keep in mind when planning to add plants to your space

Are you planning to bring home some amazing little houseplants? Well, it is a very great idea because it’s going to benefit you in many ways. Houseplants are the best investment for your home as it enhances the decor of your home or any place you are planning to add them. Yes, not only home, but places like offices, hotels, cafes, bars, anything that you own can be decorated with indoor plants.

The decoration is something that you see physically, but there are benefits that plants come with that may not be visible to the eyes. I’m talking about the basic feature that plants are known for – purifying the air and removing toxins. We all are aware of the basic benefits of plants but nowadays they are mostly picked up because of their charm. This may be due to the amazing houseplants that are available. The selection of shapes, sizes, colors is easily available in various species of plants. 

But before you bring in the greenery in your house, let me ask you a question, do you know anything about plants? No? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional gardener to use plants for your decor, only some basic information is needed to make them live. See, this is a basic fact that all plants are different and thus, the requirements of every plant are different.

So, if you are giving your aloe Vera, the care of a jade plant, you can not complain if your plant dies off. So, don’t be afraid to order plants online because I’m going to tell you a few things to keep in mind with your houseplants in your space. 

Space to grow 

There are basic requirements of every plant and the whole care and maintenance are dependent on these requirements. If you are able to load them in your mind, your plants will never die on you. These basics are water, light, soil, and space. If all these factors are in the right amount, you don’t need to worry about anything else, of course, fertilizers are an add on.

First talking about the space, plants need adequate space to grow both in and outside of the pot. It should be placed in the area where it can grow taller depending on the height they are expected to develop. But at the same time, you should take care of its roots to get enough space to grow out. If the pot is small and the plant is big, the growth of its roots will be restricted and so will be the overall developments of your plant. 

Be careful while repotting

When you wish to change the pot of your plant that it is growing in or the plant has overgrown the pot, so you need to shift it in a bigger pot, in both cases you need to be very careful. You know while repotting a plant, most of us pull the plant which leads to damaging the roots.

In this case, the plant will die off some days later. Pulling leads to tearing of roots which is something you would want to avoid. Instead, dig deep along with the roots without damaging them and keep digging till the roots feel loose and then you can pull off the plant easily. 

Light requirements

Okay, light is the primary source of food for the plant. When you buy indoor plants online, you rarely think about the plant and its light requirements. Some plants perfect low light and others love the sun. so, if you keep a low light plant under direct sun, it will dry off.

Instead. Know about the light requirements of the plants you are planning to buy. Keep the sun lovers near the window and low light lovers in places like the bathroom. 

Know the water needs

Same as adobe requirements, different plants have different watering requirements. Some need more water than others to survive. There are different patterns of watering when it comes to the water requirements of a houseplant. Some like their soil moist all the time, some like it dry, some prefer regular watering and others want intervals in between.

Here is an additional tip that will help you take better note of watering plants. It is always better to underwater your house plans than overwater them. A plant can recoup quicker from being scarce of water than one given abundance of water. To protect an overwatered plant, you may need to report the plant and eliminate any undesirable roots that have gone bad and overwatered soil prior to moving the plant into another pot.

These are the basic things that you should keep in mind to deal with houseplants. These tips will help you take good care of your plants. 

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