Pixsy and Cherrydeck Partner to Protect Photographers Copyright on Instagram

protect photographers copyright

Pixsy and Cherrydeck partner to bring robust image monitoring and copyright protection to professional photographers on Instagram. This partnership gives photographers the power to share and promote their work while servcing to protect photographers copyright and maintaining their intellectual property rights. Photographers leverage Instagram to build their brands and find commercial clients, however the platform is also prone to copying.

What Does It Mean To Protect Photographers Copyright

As professional photographers, you’re probably pretty aware of the importance of protecting your copyright. But what does it mean to protect photographers’ copyright on Instagram?

When you post your photos on Instagram, there’s a good chance that someone will steal them. If you’re not careful, people can use your photos without permission and even profit from them—and you won’t see any of the profits!

Whether you’re building your brand or looking to find commercial clients, you need to be able to share and promote your work while protecting photographers’ copyright and maintaining their intellectual property rights.

What is Cherrydeck?

Cherrydeck is the leading platform for professional photographers and videographers to use their Instagram profiles to grow and accelerate their business. With over 55,000 users worldwide, the platform connects brands to curated professionals to create custom content. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, Cherrydeck works with brands such as Vanity Fair, BMW, Nike, Coca-Cola, Vogue, Dior, and more.

With now over +60,000 photographers, and videographers, using the platform, Cherrydeck is providing consumer brands with a competitive alternative to source content and an endless pool of talent to work with.

“We think Instagram is great, but it’s broken and full of stuff that doesn’t matter. Our mission is to empower the creative community. We transform the way photographers, videographers and models connect amongst themselves and with businesses – making it easy for everyone to find and collaborate,” says Cherrydeck CEO Philipp Baumgaertel.

Pixsy’s seamless integration with Instagram will allow Cherrydeck photographers to have their images protected online with Pixsy’s award-winning image monitoring service. Images posted on Instagram will be monitored 24/7 across the platform and the internet overall, delivering alerts whenever an image is used. Pixsy offers unique tools and services to deal with unauthorized uses of their work, including global takedown notices and copyright infringement enforcement.

“It’s important for photographers to decide where and how their work is used online. We give them the tools and confidence to help them grow their brand and business. Copyright infringement is widespread, so it’s our mission to fight for artists’ rights and turn back the tide of unauthorized image uses. Access to legal support should not be complicated or expensive, which is why we resolve cases globally on a no-win, no-fee basis,” says Pixsy CEO Kain Jones .

Pixsy is the only service on the market that integrates seamlessly with Instagram to monitor images automatically. When a copyright infringement is detected by Pixsy, the photographer is alerted and can then decide what action to take. Photographers have access to a comprehensive case resolution service to recover lost licensing revenue and damages and the tools to register images with the US Copyright Office and send automated DMCA takedown notices.

Final Thoughts on Protecting Photographers Copyright

While the partnership between Pixsy and Cherrydeck will likely increase the awareness of copyright infringement on Instagram, there is still much work to be done by all parties. With Pixsy and Cherrydeck working together, we expect many photographers on Instagram to be better protected, however this protection isn’t foolproof. Only time will tell if this new partnership will bring about a toning down of copyright infringement issues on Instagram.

Cherrydeck users receive a special partnership offer at Pixsy starting today.

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