TikTok marketing ideas

Proven Tiktok Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

In this article, I will show you some examples of different TikTok accounts, and how people who are using TikTok not just for entertainment dances or lip synching are growing their businesses or their brands.

So, is TikTok the right platform to produce business content or educational content? Well, we all know it’s for entertainment, there are music, lip syncing, memes and dancing however you can do more than that, and this is what I will show you now.

If you can see some examples of what others are doing on TikTok. maybe that will inspire you to create some content for your brand? Maybe you culd show your product or your services, interview your team or maybe you can create the the code or different tips from your industry, such as DIY tips or just think outside the box.


As an example, if you’re a furniture store, maybe you can think of different DIY furniture cleaning tips, or home cleaning, kitchen cleaning topics such as that. If you have a business around small business coaching services, perhaps you can do 30 second wrap ups of interest? A cafe can show some of the items off their menu.

When you think about it, there’s plenty of content for any industry when you spend some time brainstorming it through. To further help you, here are some accounts that you can glean your own TikTok marketing ideas from, and put your own touch to the content.


So this is really cool. This woman does a lot of entertainment content but what I want to show you is her coupon content. She has a really huge audience, over 1.5 million people, and  what she does is she talks a lot or most of her content is about different types of coupons. Check here out on TikTok here.

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This amazing content creator has over forty two million subscribers. Yes, you read that right! A budding pop singer, Loren has a huge following with her clever TikTok content.


This business entrepreneur has a presence on just about every single social media platform, and TikTok isn’t left out. He has a great following of over 23.5 million, and growing quickly. See his inspirational and swearing laden posts here.


Heres the official tourism account from the Tourism Australia people. Find out some great reasons why you should visit ‘down under’ in the regular TikTok content that they publish and share.

There are plenty of other examples out there, showing brands and personalities using TikTok to further build audiences, however jump in the platform yourself and give it a try, what is there to lose?

Get out there and start producing “how to” educational content and the like, and see how you go. If you do public speaking, try cutting some of these videos into small pieces and creating micro content for TikTok?

Create your own TikTok marketing ideas

The purpose behind this article is to give you some clever TikTok marketing examples and maybe that’ll trigger some ideas for you and your team. Then you can go ahead and create or start thinking about creating content for your personal brand or your business on TikTok.

This platform is definitely not just for dancing, music or just lip-syncing – you can embrace it for social media marketing and to educate people using TikTok and build their trust and once you have trust once people know like and trust you they’re open to doing business with you.

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