tulsi benefits for cough

Providing Tulsi Benefits For The Cough

Usually during winters, we experience cough problem. So, we consume different medications to cure the problem. We can also use natural ingredients to resolve coughing problems. These natural ingredients help in balancing the energies of our body. According to ayurveda, any problem is caused due to imbalance of energies in our body.  Some people experience mild coughing problem, while some people experience severe coughing problem. We can consume a syrup that contains the valuable ingredients. the syrup should not contain any harsh flavors or preservatives. So, we can consume tulsi syrup  because it is highly beneficial for cough.  People with coughing problems can experience the tulsi benefits for cough.

Benefits of cough syrup for the body

We can consume the cough syrup because they should be relieved from coughing problems. So, if we consume this syrup, we are easily relieved from the coughing problem. The herbal syrup consists of nearly 20 valuable ingredients. This syrup is suitable for children and adults both. It is useful to the people of all age groups. But, this syrup should be consume along with warm water. the people with different types of coughing problems such as whooping cough, dry cough, wet cough, allergic rhinitis, etc can consume this syrup.


People with severe coughing problems such as acute bronchitis, or allergic rhinitis can consume the syrup.

The ingredients that should be consumed while coughing

If you consume the syrup, then you can enjoy the tulsi benefits for the cough. It contains the following valuable ingredients.  

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The main ingredient of this syrup is tulsi and it provides the following health benefits.

Tulsi is a valuable ingredient that helps in suppressing cough and draining excessive mucus from the lungs. It also helps in dilating the airways of the lungs. It also relives from chest congestion. It contains bleanolic acid, polyphenolic and ursolic constituents. This ingredient is useful to everyone when you experience seasonal cold or any recurrent respiratory infections.

The tailspatra is used to soothe the central nervous system and it acts as a febrifuge. It contains antibacterial, antispasmodic, and antitussive properties. A person consuming this syrup hence is relieved from cough, sneezing, watery discharge and nasal congestion. It helps in relieving problems such as bronchitis.  The leaves of the flower help in improving appetite of an individual.  It helps in removing toxins from the blood. So, it relieves a person from vomiting also. it is useful to the person with dental problems.

It contains pippali and it is used for vasodilatation problem and improving the lung condition. It is a decongestant, and acts as a bronchodilator. The herb kulanjan helps in treating cough problem. It is useful during winter season and also helps in itching of the throat. It also contains Yashitmadhu and is an effective herb to resolve the respiratory complications. It causes soothing effect to the pharynx. During cough, a person usually develops a coarse voice and this ingredient helps in healing. It also contains Vasa that cause problems such as chronic bronchitis, cough and cold problem. It contains many other useful ingredients such as shati, pudina, etc. So, you can enjoy tulsi benefits for the cough if you consume this syrup.

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