QuickBooks Point of Sale failed to open company file

QuickBooks Point of Sale failed to open company file

QuickBooks Point of sale(POS) is an automatic programming for smooth and streamline bookkeeping. Customers use it for their everyday tasks. In any case, in some cases appalling QuickBooks mistakes spring up because of program disappointment. Quite possibly the most widely recognized issue is when QuickBooks POS neglected to open the organization document. 

There can be different reasons that let this disappointment happen in any case. In this article, we will discuss how to dispose of Errors when opening your organization document in QuickBooks Point of Sale. 

QuickBooks POS Company record Error 

At the point when QuickBooks POS will not open company file, you may see mistakes like:- 

  • Neglected to open an company file 
  • Login to company file failed
  • Broken Connection 
  • Unable to associate with your company data file 

Reason for this Error 

  • QuickBooks POS Company record has a mistake and is harmed. 
  • QuickBooks Point of offer is designed as a customer workstation, not the worker. 
  • QuickBooks POS is attempting to set up an association with the company file. 
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Database administration administrator is harmed and can’t sign in to the organization document. 
  • QuickBooks POS has lost the association with the organization document. 
  • company file converts to a more update version of QuickBooks POS 

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The most effective method to Fix QuickBooks POS neglected to open organization document error 

Play out the investigating steps with the goal that you can emerge from the present circumstance. 

Arrangement 1 – Create a test organization document to open a current company file 

  • On the POS home screen 
  • Click on Start Company, at that point Create another organization 
  • Click on Next 
  • Type Company Name as Test and Click on Create 
  • Double tap on the Test record 
  • Go to File 
  • Click on Company tasks and then Next. 
  • Pick Open existing organization 
  • Find your company file that will not open 
  • Click on Next 

On the off chance that these means don’t work move to the following arrangement. 

Arrangement 2 – Restart POS Entitlement administrations 

  • Go to run order 
  • Type services.msc and hit enter 
  • Find Intuit Entitlement Service and QBPOS Database Manager and Click on Configure 
  • Click on the most recent rendition of Intuit Entitlement Service 
  • Go to the General tab 
  • Click on Startup Type 
  • Click on Automatic 
  • Check Service status is Started 
  • Explore to Log On 
  • Click on Local System Account 
  • Click on Allow Service to Interact with Desktop 
  • Go to Intuit Entitlement Service 
  • Click on the Recovery tab 
  • Select Restart the Service from the 1, 2 and 3 disappointments fields 
  • Click on Apply and OK 

Attempt to open your company file now, if POS neglects to open the organization again move to the following arrangement. 

Arrangement 3 – Restore a company file reinforcement 

Essentially reestablish your latest reinforcement of the company file in QuickBooks POS 

  • Click on File and then Company tasks 
  • Click on Restore from reinforcement 
  • Click on Next 
  • Pick Browse to another reinforcement document 
  • Find Your QuickBooks POS Backup record area 
  • Pick the latest reinforcement record and Click on reestablish 

On the off chance that you can’t reestablish the document, move to the following arrangement 

Arrangement 4 – Rename the QuickBooks POS Company File you can’t open 

  • Find your Company record area 
  • Rename the record by adding a number or letter 
  • Open the company file 


Above you learnt about how you can resolve your QuickBooks POS Company file error, Hope given points fixed your issue but if you are still struggling with the error then contact QuickBooks Support number where you will get professionals help to resolve your issues.

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