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8 Reasons to Start an Online TV Channel

So you’ve finally made the decision to create your own TV channel app? If so, this is a brilliant and smart move. Everyone in the world can instantly access the TV channel and programming; the only requirement is a high-speed Internet connection.

The Online TV Platform has completely changed the way how we watch tv and how we pay for it, and here’s what you need to know if you want to build an Online TV Channel of your own:

  • When a creator launches an OTT TV app, their earnings increase by 30% on average. (Uscreen)
  • Due to its instant gratification nature, the OTT streaming market is expected to be worth USD 194.20 billion by 2025.
  • Pay TV subscribers are expected to exceed 1 billion by 2026. (Digital TV Research)

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer looking to stay ahead of the competition, now is the time to consider your OTT Platform entry.

Let’s imagine you have some video content to share with your audience: Be it any type of video content such as news stories, how-to-videos, company insights, short video ads, personal travel diaries, family events, and so on. Have you ever considered sharing them with friends, coworkers, or even a wider audience? If so, online TV is a very efficient/convenient mode of communication.

Having your own Online TV Channel is no longer a dream, but it is a reality of modern technology. Surprisingly, it now takes less than a few hours to make a schedule and create a streaming channel. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit and why it’s worth a shot.

8 Top Reasons to Start Online TV Channel

Starting an Online TV channel/TV App provides a powerful medium for producing and distributing video content, which is becoming more important than ever before. 

Some of the reasons to create online TV channels are as follows:

# TV Is Doomed, and OTT Is the Way to Go

Not immediately, but within the next decade, OTT streaming will grow at a breakneck speed. Traditional production companies are launching web TV channels and offering the same shows and movies on both platforms. Several sports broadcasters are signing OTT-first streaming contracts. Even modern television sets are smart, and they work with devices like Chromecast or Firestick to enable OTT solutions on a large screen.

# Easy to Maintain

Maintaining an online TV channel’s content catalog is far easier than negotiating airing time, pricing, and other factors with TV channel executives. You can also save money on hosting and broadcasting by storing content on cloud servers. Online TV channels can also function with fewer employees. Another compelling reason to make online TV channels is the ease of maintenance.

# Builds Strong Relationship With Customers

Online TV channels offer a better opportunity for content creators to connect with customers because there is a community built around OTT streaming content. You can create niche content and attract people who are interested in it, allowing them to engage deeply and help your channel grow. Unlike traditional television, online TV channels allow for unconventional content to shine.

# Customize Content to Win Audience Attention

The analytics insights obtained from an OTT platform allow unbelievable content customization. You should know what exactly each customer segment wants to watch and how they want to engage. You can make programs and videos that attract any demographic. Netflix took it a step further by providing binge-worthy content and customizing episode release formats. Making an Online TV Channel, however, allows you to experiment with business innovations.

# Have a Greater Reach

As the internet is a global property, any online TV channel has the potential to reach a global audience. As evidenced by the global Hallyu wave, OTT streaming has broken down language barriers by promoting subtitling. Furthermore, you can create content for streaming on a wide range of devices, from laptops to smartphones and have it available to users at all times.

# Multiple Monetization Options

It’s because the funds from cable subscriptions are insufficient to fuel creation, traditional TV completely depends on the advertising revenue model for monetization. When you start watching TV online, you can choose between the AVOD, subscription revenue model, and pay-per-view models. Some OTT platforms, such as Hotstar, experiment with all three. Analytics insights make it easy to figure out how to entice viewers to watch more of your content in exchange for money.

# Work From Any Location

Traditional TV shooting generally requires your crew and you to work in a few locations where studios and management get located. To a large extent, online TV removes these constraints. As an independent content creator, you can work anywhere you want, or as a producer, you can hire creators from anywhere. You can reduce your commute because traditional TV’s usual administrative legwork is absent here.

# People Can Access Your Content From Any Location

People can consume online video content from portable devices such as tablets and laptops that can be taken anywhere, as opposed to cable TV, which requires people to return home or go to a place large enough to hold a TV. Many people use mobile OTT apps to watch videos while they commute. You can even reach viewers in other time zones using different devices. Unlike cable with scheduled programming, your content is also easier to find with a catalog management system.

Moving Ahead!

What next? If you got convinced for these reasons, then you will be probably wondering how to make your own streaming tv channel and reap its benefits. Don’t worry! You can build your TV channel easily with the help of a white-label OTT platform provider. It’s completely customizable, saving you from the trouble of hiring an entire engineering team to build your OTT solution from scratch.

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