Reasons To Get A Togaf Certification

Reasons to Get A TOGAF Certification

A TOGAF certification is a standard certification and employees who possess this certification are preferred by the world’s leading organisations in the field of enterprise architecture. 

The full form of TOGAF is the open group architecture framework. More than 87,000 people in the world possess a TOGAF certification ; these include Enterprise Architects as well as trainers around the globe. 

It is an open group certification that is globally recognised. The best part about this certification is that it is vendor-neutral and is a really good way to show that you possess a certified standard body of knowledge. This certification is paramount to those who want to be Enterprise Architects.

What Do TOGAF Certified Professionals Do?

Once you get your certification, you will be able to analyse and interpret complex technical processes that help with the overall business strategy. You will assist with managing meetings and projects on a transformational program. 

Architecture Strategy, Portfolio Management, Architecture Review Boards and Technology Life cycles are some of the areas you will have to be well versed in with your TOGAF training. 

The primary responsibility of a TOGAF trainee is making sure that the organisations’ goals can be reconciled with information technology. These are a few reasons TOGAF certifications are gaining rapid popularity.

6 Reasons to Pursue TOGAF certifications

  1. The demand is high

The TOGAF certification is highly coveted among enterprise architects. Many organisations realise the importance of enterprise architecture, especially as more and more firms integrate IT with their day-to-day workings. Without an enterprise architect, businesses run the risk of their technology becoming obsolete and useless, which is why enterprise architects with a TOGAF foundation are so highly in demand.

  1. New career opportunities

A certificate from TOGAF opens many potential career avenues such as banks, manufacturing or the many different careers that require high integration with technology to get work done. An enterprise architect with a TOGAF certification training is much more attractive and in demand to companies while hiring as compared to an enterprise architect with no certification.

  1. Unique language

TOGAF programming is done in a unique language which you will learn during the course of the certification. This is incredibly helpful as it makes it easier to take over projects that have had other architects work on. It is also an attractive additional skill to have to help feed the development of enterprise architecture and IT.

  1. Great investment

The certification is an excellent investment in your career and the skills you learn will be able to help you with your day-to-day work. These skills will also stay with you forever, unlike other certifications where you have to get recertified in a few years you do not need to get recertified with a TOGAF certification. With a TOGAF certification, you get a rise in pay as well as a top position in any company with all of these benefits, and you only have to pay for TOGAF certification costs .

  1. Better efficiency

TOGAF teaches you how to meet the demands of your organisation in the most efficient manner cutting out hours of unnecessary work. It includes analysing the IT budget and reconfiguring it to ensure that it is used as efficiently as possible and the reallocation of funds optimises the IT department. It shows you how the organisation fits together so that you can streamline some of the processes, thereby reducing the cost as well as the friction.

  1. Future management prospects

TOGAF is a rounded program and does not only teach programming. It also teaches IT industry professionals the importance of management and all the nuances that come with it. These skills help you coordinate and give you a deeper understanding of enterprise architecture and turn you into a leader who can delegate and coordinate to support the changes and go as smoothly as possible.


TOGAF is a highly coveted certification and brings trust and faith in those that have acquired it. The certification ensures that you know what you are doing to your employers. Koenig Solutions is one of India’s leading IT training firms; they are specially trained to cater to your every need making sure that you receive the best instruction on your pursuit of a TOGAF certification.

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