Things to do in Ubud, Bali

Seven Things To Do in Ubud Bali

Here are seven things to do in beautiful Ubud, Bali.

Walking the Rice Field Terraces

For short stays, you don’t need to venture far to fill your days. Refer to the map and enjoy a scooter ride to Cekking Rice Terraces only 20 minutes from town up Jl Raya Andong.

Tour the north side of town riding Jl Suwetta, Sri Wedari and Tirta Tarwa which all loop back to Ubud centre. Find Paula’s Rice Terrace Café on Jl Suwetta and just relax and enjoy the rice fields.


Bali Art District and Export Road

If only for sightseeing, take a drive on Jl Raya Andong, Ubud’s Bali art export road. It’s on the way to Ceckking Riced terraces, 4 kms of unique, colourful arts, crafts and furniture prepared and exported. Here you can buy in bulk at wholesale prices items you will not find anywhere else in the world. Exporting can be arranged right on site.

Traditional Market

Enjoy the traditional Ubud market before 7 am to explore and taste a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. After 7 am, the market clears and makes room to a tourist market. It is located at the top of Monkey Forest Road and Jl Raya on the south east corner and across the street from the Palace.

Bicycling In Ubud

Visions of bicycling on country roads along the rice fields sounds so sweet and romantic. But, that’s fine if you are already in the country side and villages. Venturing outside of central Ubud, Bali is all uphill and Ubud itself can be tiring if not hazardous for all the traffic and pedestrians. Also, it is very hot which could subject you to exhaustion and heat stroke.

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You must be fit to cycle around Ubud. There are several rental places scattered about but check the condition of the bicycles before renting. You may be given a cheap lock which is hardly a deterrent for thieves. Although it doesn’t happen much, if your bike is stolen, you will be responsible for replacing it. Bicycle rentals are $2 per day.


The most popular tours and adventures include White Water Rafting, Mount Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking, Downhill bicycling from Mt Batur to Ubud, a day tour of sites like Tanah Lot or other temples.

You can shop around for prices but generally you are better off to ask and trust recommendations first. We recommend you speak to Wayan at Spirit Bali Driver who can create a custom itinerary for half day or full day tour of your choosing. Wayan will be able to assist you on most anything you want to do.

Places To Go Swimming in Ubud

Some days, you just have to go swimming. Here are some places where you can go, hang out and enjoy a swim. Some charge a small fee or you’ll need to order drinks or a meal, but all are a bargain and a great way to spend the afternoon.

Be sure to call in advance regarding prices, wifi, location and whether they are talking walk-ins that day.

Walk The Campuhan Trail

This beautiful trail is accessed right from in town just off Jl Ray and entrance at Ibah Resort. Feel the energy of Ubud in the leisurely 40 minute trek up Ridge Walk / Campuhan Trail (Love Street) and make your way to a spa for a massage and lunch in the rice fields.

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Book at least 2 days ahead and schedule no later than 3pm so you don’t find yourself walking the trail back in the dark. There is also a lovely restaurant so you can make a whole afternoon of it.

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