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Should I Repair my iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen or buy a new Phone?

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The apple iPhones have been a new sensation in the market since their advent. Not only the software that is ios is different from other softwares but it has made a major difference in the market, and now there are two different kinds of mobile softwares that are available in the market that are ios and android. The ios system is only compatible to the devices from Apple Company while the android software is compatible with every other device till yet.

The new iPhone 11 pro max was released on September 10th 2019. It has a 6.5 inches screen and a 4 GB RAM. The front of the phone or the screen one could say is the gorilla glass and a stainless steel frame. The glass is also scratch resistant. The resolution of the camera of the phone is 1242 x 2688 pixels. At the launch of the phone the president of apple claimed that it is the first triple camera mobile in the world and it is the best quality camera made till date. The iPhone is ios 13 and can be upgraded further. It comes in a matte space grey, silver, golden and midnight green. The new iPhone 11 pro max provides the feature of facial identification. The best part as to why choose apple is that it is a very secure system with its own app store and all the downloads are available in its own functions. It’s almost like a whole different world in itself

Getting your iPhone Repaired

Like other phones iPhones are prone to accidents. The first thing you are recommended by the Apple Company is that if you are covered under apple care than you must first contact the company. The first and for most option when you have broken screen to approach an authorized apple center, this way you would be sure that your work is done genuinely. Apple Company authorized outlets are the most genuine iPhone repairing services out there so it is much better to contact the company. To visit an apple center you must first make an appointment for an onsite visit. There are additional charges for that if you are not covered apple care. The charges that are usually for the screen repair of iPhone 11 pro max is dollars 325 and the onsite visit fees is dollar 25. The total cost of repair if you are not under warranty is dollar 350.

When the technology was first introduced in the market the price of the phone was about dollar 920 but as the time has passed by and with the advent of the new iPhones 12 and 12 pro max the price has rapidly decreased to dollar 280 to dollar 580.

The best option if you want to get your screen repaired is that you take it to an authorized apple centre, and if the iPhone is covered than it is hardly dollars 29 to dollars 99 while if you go to buy a new iPhone now it will cost you around dollars 280 to dollars 500 which is quite more expensive. However, if the phone is not covered than it is a bad idea to get the screen repaired. If you think than buying a new iPhone is a much better idea for you.

The reviews on the iPhone are very good and the phone has a high demand in the market. However, with iPhone 12 coming inn the market the price value of iPhone 11 pro max has decreased a lot.

Service Centre Adelaide Australia

There are many other iPhone 11 pro max screen repairing services that would claim too provide you with very good services but with all those hoaxes out there in the world you may never know that someone may sale you a fake item at a very high rate which may not last very long and may not be quite reliable. Secondly it would be a double cost for you as you may need to get the screen repaired after some time, so the best option is then contacting Apple service center.

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If you are living in Adelaide Australia it is even better for you because there is a certified iPhone repairing shop in Adelaide. The mobile repair ensures quality and tries to give you the best quality services in the city. We ensure you a genuine screen repair of your iPhone and what is better is that there is no need to make appointments just walk inn and you will be ensured the best services in town,