Skyrocket your website traffic

6 Awesome Tips to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

So the title of this article caught your attention? Perhaps you got a new website that you want to attract visitors; or you’re running a not so old website that continuously disappoints you for not pulling the level of traffic you’ve been dreaming? You think you can dramatically increase your website’s traffic and keep that numbers consistently? Of course you can! And that’s what I’ll tell you in this article how to skyrocket your website traffic. Now enjoy the following six tips on how to attract people coming into that website of yours.

Invade the Googlers

Google is the number one website in the world today (based on popularity), no doubt about it. This is the reason why webmasters and websitegers are craving to succeed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you don’t know SEO, you cannot generally rule Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. So how to invade the googlers? Again, the answer is quality first. Google and the googlers should love you.

How? Google loves quality contents (i.e., rich, unique and natural). So you need to make sure that you are offering contents that will not disappoint googlers when they found you on the first pages of the search results in Google. To make your webpage found at the top of Google search results pages requires proper Search Engine Optimization. “Proper” in the sense of efficacy, efficiency and ethics that avoid being banned by Google itself. This article from eHow entitled How to get your Website to the First Page of Google Search Results will simply guide you to your way to the top of the Google search pages.


Be influential on Facebook

If you want to skyrocket your website traffic, you can’t look past Facebook. According to Alexa rank (as of posting of this article), Facebook has already surpassed Yahoo as the number 2 (next to Google) website on the face of the Internet. No wonder there are millions of Facebook addicts worldwide… it’s large. Facebook has already become a haven for big and small companies and marketers who want to promote their products and services online. What I love in Facebook is that you can promote locally through your local friends. The site’s many effective applications can be useful in promoting your website and increasing its traffic. Your profile in Facebook is your foundation to that success.

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You need to get real friends and make yourself a real friend to them. You can do that by meaningfully writing at their walls or commenting on their posts. Once you get tons of real friends, you can have the chance to introduce them to your website through your Facebook website page, group and through sharing of your website posts in their walls or inboxes. However, you should be prudent to preserve your authority and integrity by providing them with articles that are interesting and can become useful to them.

Be famous on Youtube

If you want to skyrocket your website traffic, you can’t look past YouTube. Youtube is still in the top four most popular website in the cyberworld. It has already been considered as the king of video sharing on the Internet. Small and large businesses can have equal opportunities to be famous among Youtube’s millions of daily users. So how to grab traffic from Youtube? My initial answer again lies on the quality of you videos and of course how you will promote your managed IT services Perth business and interact among the Youtube community.

Here, viral marketing makes a lot of sense. You don’t need to create a very expensive video that will attract viewers. You need to make a unique video that will spread through the word of mouse and word of mouth of the people who have viewed your videos. Here is an article that will guide you on the step by step procedures on “How to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website”.

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Conquer Stumblers

Stumbleupon, next to Google search pages, is the second referrer of visitors to my website. Thousands of stumblers have already landed on my website, which is more than the number of diggers and other bookmarkers that also visited my pages. You may need to read why StumbleUpon sends more traffic than Digg. I’ve been an avid user of stumbleupon toolbar since I discovered it several months ago. What I like in it is that it gives me the best webpage on the category I selected (e.g., marketing and entrepreneurship). So how to invade the stumblers and get that awesome traffic you’ve been wanting?

Well, the answer is quality first. You need to create the best content you can to attract stumblers to hit that “like” button in their Stumbleupon toolbars. The better the page you have the more people will stumble on it. According to Caroline Middlebrook, you can also Boost Your StumbleUpon Traffic with Outbound Links. I am not saying that you should refrain from using Digg. You can use both Stumbleupon and Digg, and even other popular discovery sites like Reddit, Delicious, Mixx, Propeller, and Yahoo Buzz to boost up your traffic if you still have the time or penny to outsource the required works.

Drive the tweeters or twitterers

Twitter continues to be hotter as it is now become one of the top 20 most popular sites in the Internet. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-services that enables its user to send and read messages known as “tweets”. Tweets are text-based posts of maximum characters made by a twitterer to answer a simple question – what are you doing? To drive visitors from twitter to your website, you need to have as many followers as you can.

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The more followers you will have, the more you can reach people and possible visitors to your website. The ingredients of having tons of followers include your Twitter page design, your quality of posts and your passion for social interaction. Here is a nice article about 15 tips to increase Twitter traffic to your website.

Shine on Flickr

If you want to skyrocket your website traffic, you can’t look past photo sharing. Flickr is the trademark of online photo sharing. Although Google’s Picassa is just around the corner, I prefer Flickr over Picassa so far. However you may also try both to see for yourself what will benefit you more. Focusing on Flickr, the famed image sharing site can provide you a decent number of daily traffic by using your quality images, networking through Flickr groups and effective promotion. This article on how to “Turbo charge your traffic with Flickr Groups” will give you a clear idea on how to do that.


I’m expecting that the tips above will help you skyrocket your website traffic and boost up your website’s visitors. Remember that consistent traffic means consistent quality, energy and interaction. Finally, don’t forget this – to increase your website’s users you need to increase your website’s usefulness.

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