Snapchat Planet – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Snapchat Planet

Packed with exciting features for the users, Snapchat keeps on adding new ones to lure more users. There are a few features available on Snapchat which can only be accessed with its paid subscription such as Snapchat best friends planets solar system. If you have no idea what this feature is about, this blog is for you. We are going to offer you all the necessary details you need about this feature to understand its functioning. 

Snapchat Planet – What Is This System And The Planets?

You already know about the real solar system with the Sun at its centre and eight planets revolving around it. Similar to this, Snapchat has also created a solar system of its own but in Snapchat’s solar system, you are the Sun and your top eight friends on the platform are the planets. 

Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun it is assigned to your closest friend on Snapchat or your best friend on the platform. Moving forward, your second closest friend is assigned to the second planet and so on till all eight planets are designated to your eight close friends. 

Order of the Planets In Snapchat Solar System – 

Snapchat planet order is similar to the real one, below mentioned are the planets in the order they are present on the platform. 

1. Mercury 

Coming up first is Mercury, a planet shown in red colour with 5 hearts moving around it. As mentioned already, the planet is given to your best friend i.e. your no. 1 friend on Snapchat. 

2. Venus 

The second planet in the Solar System is Venus, presented in a light brown colour with hearts of yellow, pink and blue colour around it. 

3. Earth 

Earth is the third planet, represented in the same colour as real Earth which is blue and green not only this but it also has a moon, red hearts and stars going around it. 

4. Mars 

The fourth planet in the Snapchat Solar System is Mars, symbolized in red colour with stars and purple and blue hearts revolving around it. 

5. Jupiter 

Jupiter represents your fifth closest friend on Snapchat, it is a reddish-orange planet cover with dark orange strips around it along with revolving stars. 

6. Saturn 

Shown in orange colour, Saturn is the sixth on the list which has a ring and stars surrounding it. 

7. Uranus 

Uranus is probably the only planet on Snapchat’s solar system which neither has stars nor hearts around it, the planet is denote in Green colour. 

8. Neptune 

The last planet Neptune, represents your eighth closest friend on Snapchat. Similar to real Neptune, there is no life or love on this blue planet. 

Check What Planet You Are On In Your Friend’s Solar System – 

Just like you have a solar system, your friends also have one with Snapchat planets. You can check which planet you have been allotte in your friend’s solar system by clicking on the profile of your friend and then tapping on the Best Friends Badge you see on the screen. As soon as you click on it, you will be able to see which planet you represent in their Solar system. 

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