Some Ways to Use Video Production and Marketing to Your Advantage

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As we know, the Trend of video production is getting higher day by day. Nowadays, video production and marketing is considered to be a part of every business. Due to tough competition in the market, companies have to struggle for their credibility. For this purpose, they tend towards video production services– a highly paid industry of this age. But to use good video production for your business, we need to understand what video production is. You have to start from starch to gain success.

What is Video Production?

To produce video content, one has to make a video of their desired product or services. The exponential growth in smartphones and Internet use in recent years has meant that people are consuming more and more videos. This is also important for companies because video content is a great new opportunity to engage your audience, increase brand awareness, convert sales, and transmit information. Instead of thinking of video as something you would borrow from any media platform, think of video content as your business success.

Successful video production includes:

  1. Production of promotional videos
  2. Explanatory video production
  3. Corporate videos
  4. Videos for your social media
  5. Platforms training videos
  6. Practical videos of case studies
  7. Branded short films
  8. Aerial videos and time-lapse videos & much more!

Why does your business need video Production Services?

By 2022, video content will represent 80% of ALL mainstream internet traffic. It means you can no longer afford to ignore the potential of video production for your business. Professional video production services can help you gain new consumer markets, more engagement and credibility to your online presence, as well as increase conversion rates, to name a few benefits.

Video creates benefits you won’t find anywhere else

Incorporating video production and marketing into your online strategy won’t just keep you up to date with the news. It offers significant advantages that you don’t get written content.

Video helps you make a human and memorable connection with your viewers. You can use it to show visitors that you are more than just a faceless online transaction and connect with them on an emotional level. It pays off in terms of reach, credibility, and commerce to stick to written content only.

Select the right type of video production for your business

What are you trying to achieve with the video content?

What is your goal?

Decide what your goals are for video content. What does your business need today? Maybe you would like a video to boost online marketing or the main screen? Perhaps you have a new product or idea that you would like to communicate? Or do you want to grow your business and need a great video to build brand awareness and engagement online?

Once you’ve answered these questions and set clear, specific goals for yourself, you’ll see that your entire project will run calmly and stay on track. Meanwhile, your video production company will go through this process with you. Video production & marketing agencies love doing this with all of our clients. They frequently refer to it when deciding to know we are going in the right direction with our video production.

Know your audience

The type of video production & marketing that’s right for you will depend on your audience. If you’re not sure who your audience is, or if you want to increase or limit your target audience, a video production and marketing services in Chicago il help you with your marketing strategy by creating marketing personas. A clear and developed marketing strategy with a defined target audience will ensure that your video content attracts your ideal customer.

Prepare your message

Deciding what message you want to convey in your video content suits your audience best and is a first step in the video production & marketing process. At Media borne, we’ll help you “find your voice.” It means that in addition to considering the specific purpose of your video, we make sure that our work aims to create, promote, and strengthen your brand.

An excellent place to start is choosing the format and production style for your video, as that is a big part of what shapes your message. As famed media theorist once said, “The medium is the message.” We can suggest to you the type of video content that’s right for you. We’ve included a few types of video content we’ve recently produced below to help you get started.

Top Benefits of Producing Videos

Video production is a new trend in the business world right now; in short, it works. To highlight how this content can help your business grow, we’ve used our video production & marketing experience to share the top benefits of producing videos, so you’ll learn to use them to your advantage.

1) Improve your ranking on Google

Since buying YouTube in past years, Google has prioritized video in its search rankings. Full video thumbnails are now included in the results, allowing you to rank higher when producing quality clips. Just be sure to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO by writing relevant titles and descriptions!

2) Acquire knowledge effectively

Above all, video allows you to increase your brand awareness more effectively than any other content type. Research has found that a minute of video is worth no less than 1.8 million words.

No matter what business you have, your audience is likely to love videos. Even including the word in the subject lines of your email increases opens rates by 19%. Not surprisingly, most marketers consider video to be the type of content with the highest ROI.

3) Take advantage of online behaviors

Try a little stiff, and you’ll find out why the video works so well. A 2016 study found that our online attention span is now 8 seconds, shorter than a goldfish. It means you only have a blink of an eye to grab your audience’s attention.

Written content cannot accomplish this feat effectively. Visual alternatives, on the other hand, do. Especially on media like Facebook, which will automatically play your videos, you have a definite opportunity to reach your audience and adapt to their need for instant gratification.

4) Offer something for everyone. I want my audience to love my commercial video. How? ‘Or’ What?

A significant advantage of video production is that you are not limited to a limited section of your audience. You can even go one of two ways: producing lengthy content that appeals to all of your current and potential customers or several smaller pieces specifically tailored to individual audience segments.

Every business has more than one type of audience. The potential customers who interact with you will be at different stages of your buyer’s journey. Everyone wants content that is designed to help them make a decision, and everyone loves videos.

5) Explain your services

It’s hard to capture precisely what you do and how you do it better than your competition in one paragraph. Since your customers don’t want to flip pages of text to find out, video production is the best way to explain your brand.

6) Look at conversions

playing video in the background of your website’s landing page is one of the biggest design trends of 2017, and for a good reason. Reports show that incorporating quality business videos can increase conversions by up to 80%.

7) Build trust with your customers

Video production allows clients to see behind the scenes of your business. Unlike textual content, it presents your brand, products, and people in a personalized way. Ultimately, this helps increase confidence in your industry.

8) Keep people on your site longer

As a business promoter, you want to keep people on your website for as long as possible. After all, it not only increases the chances of them becoming customers, but it also improves your organic search ranking with Google. Fortunately, people spend more time on your site when they watch a video.

9) Going Viral

Think like your audience. What type of online content are you mostly want to share? Most likely, “text” is not the key. Blog posts maybe, but the most effective “sharing” content is videos. Use video to increase consistency in all of your marketing. Think about it – when you share something, you want your followers to like something as much as you do. This feat is much easier to accomplish thanks to video, which conveys a message effectively and concisely.

10) Increase the consistency of all your brand

one of the most significant advantages of a well-produced video is its versatility. You are not just limited to the integration on your website. Instead, you can include it in all of your digital marketing efforts.

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to download the video directly. YouTube is another popular destination, allowing you to embed videos on your website and even in emails. Using your video in different ways can increase the consistency of your message and reach your audience more effectively.

11) Encourage sharing on social networks

Interacting with customers on social media can be difficult if you’re not prepared to pay for the needs. For example, only 2-4% of a company’s posts are shown to its followers on Facebook unless they pay to refer them. Video is considered the most shared type of post on social media; investing in video production means more people will organically see your content.

12) Stay up to date with your competition

Statistics show that more than a minimum of businesses are now using video production & marketing to attract customers. With these numbers, it’s clear that if you’re not interested in making the video progress, your competition probably is.

13) Improve email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to increase leads, but it can be challenging to get clicks on the website. However, using the word “video” in your email’s subject line can improve your click results by up to 65%.

With the help of the above video production & marketing services tips, you can easily get an advantage in your business.

Final Thoughts on Video Production Services

Undeniably, video production services have the power to revolutionize your business. Through engaging content and emotional connection, they offer a unique path towards building stronger brand awareness, increasing your online presence, and ultimately, elevating your market credibility. It’s high time to leverage these services and let your business reach its full potential.

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