Tips for Taking Care of Lucky Bamboo In 2023

Tips for taking care of lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo: This small house plant is known to depict a lot when we talk about luck and prosperity and has always been a prominent symbol in feng shui. Apart from that this plant has always been popular when it comes to corporate gifting or also a perfect housewarming gift. If you know someone who is far from you and you just want to convey how happy you are to have them then you can always send flowers to Ahmedabad or wherever they are living right now.

As a houseplant, and home decorator the lucky bamboo is a popular choice, they are just happy and they are easy to care for as well. You will always find ease in caring for lucky bamboo. They just know how to be fine with being handled as they don’t ask for much care.

The lucky bamboo might seem associated with the bamboo but it’s not the bamboo plant, it is associated with the dracaena, the care is pretty different from the bamboo plant. You don’t have to worry about the care as it is not as difficult as other plants. All you have to do is just make sure that you are not losing out on anything.

So here are a few care tips for your lucky bamboo:


These types of plants tend to grow in water as well as the soil, although once planted in the soil these plants will grow at a good rate. You must remember that the soil for these plants should remain damp, avoid over-watering these plants and make sure that the soil does not dry as these two things might lead to root rot.

When it comes to the bamboo being grown in the water you don’t have to worry about that either as these plants can grow in water as well. All you need to do is just change the water every week or once in ten days if you are not able to take some time out of your busy schedule.

You must also take the type of water into consideration, tap water is considered safe for the lucky bamboo but when it comes to the tap water you must remember that the fluoride is not there as the fluoride cannot be treated manually and when it comes to coloring it is said that if you leave the water overnight then the chlorine will evaporate, this will always help you out but in the case of fluoride you can always use the filtered water.


Well, as the blog must have stated the lucky bamboos are indoor house plants, which does not mean that the plants don’t like sunlight at all but the plants just don’t like to be placed in direct sunlight as their leaves will burn. You should never place these plants near the window where the sun is at its highest point, what you can do is, you can put these plants in a brightly lit room.


The ideal temperature for bamboo is anywhere between 18-35 degree celsius. Don’t let your plant be out in the cold and don’t put it under direct sunlight, your lucky bamboo will just be fine if you are choosing the normal temperature for it.


The plant is affected by common pests like mealybugs, mites, and the usual fungal infection. If you notice that there are mealy bugs in your plant then you need to remove them manually. If there is a grey fuzz present on your plant then that is the fungal infection, you need not throw the entire plant out but what you can do is that you can just keep the plant and remove the stems that are affected by it and make sure that you reduce the air circulation afterward. If you notice that the plant is getting yellow then just remove that part as the yellowness is prone to spread, if you don’t want to lose the entire plant then just remove the affected area. You can always approach the best florists in Bangalore & online flower delivery in Bangalore to know more about how to make sure that your lucky bamboo does not get affected.


These Plants are considered toxic for cats and dogs and make sure that you are keeping them at a certain height so that your pets are not able to reach them. Otherwise, these are bound to cause some major complications later.

The lucky bamboo is a perfect gift when it comes to gifting. You can always pick it up and without any worries, you can just give the plant to your loved ones or to your office. You need not think twice as this plant will bring prosperity wherever it goes. Hurry up and get one yourself!

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