Travelling Business Presentations

Two Must Have Technology Items for Travelling Business Presentations

Regardless of how connected our world continues to become, traveling is still one of the main activities of many business people. In some industries, fifty to eighty percent travel is not uncommon. Two essential pieces of equipment for most of these travelling business presentations is below.


In purchasing a laptop, you must first identify the primary purpose for which your laptop will be used. This means evaluating the equipment in light of what programs you need to run and what tasks must be accomplished on the road when doing travelling business presentations.

The basic business laptop can accomplish most everyday tasks. Of course this includes basic word processing and spreadsheet functions, as well as creating and presenting PowerPoint slide presentations. These laptops can probably handle basic video, but that is not their strong suit. These machines essentially defined middle of the road — they are not too powerful but not too weak, they are not too heavy but not especially light.

Anyone who is travel for business has probably experienced the disappointment of an exhausted battery. Critical battery alerts always seem to calm at the worst possible time. For this reason, many business travelers prefer to maximize battery life in their laptop. In fact, it makes a lot of sense today to replace the rarely used DVD drive with a second battery.

Although many notebooks have become very popular, they are really fairly useless for business. Although they may have the computing power to run the appropriate programs, the tiny screen and tinier keyboard aren’t very helpful when working with clients. The hundred dollars or so that you might save compared to a standard laptop is simply not worth what you will have to give up.

As the business world increasingly adopts video presentations, you may have to consider looking for more power in the graphics department as well as extra storage in the hard drive. Regardless of what you buy, your decision should always be driven by your business goals, and not the latest fad or bling factor.

Portable presentation screens

When you travel for business and make presentations for a living, you learn pretty quickly that you can never really count on having the perfect setup. Everything under your control may be ready. The presentation is tweaked to perfection. Your laptop is fast and powerful, and your portable projector puts out the brightest, sharpest HD image anyone has ever seen. Unfortunately, not everything is under your control. What about the screen on location? What if they don’t even have a screen?

Uncertainty and consistently negative outcomes have led many business professionals to travel with their own screen. And for some of the reasons listed below, these professionals have overwhelmingly chosen Fast-Fold projector screens from Da-Lite.

First of all, these screens are rugged. The life of a projector screen consists of constant setting up and taking down. Between each presentation, the screen is stuffed into a car trunk or thrown into the belly of a plane. Fast-Fold screens have consistently proven their durability by standing up to repeated use over a period of years.

The screens are known for being easy to use. Nobody wants to be seen in front of a group of clients puzzling over how to set up a projection screen. The Fast-Fold screens let you exude competence and confidence even before the presentation begins because their setup is flawlessly simple.

Obviously you will be looking for high portability, and the Fast-Fold screens deliver. They fold up into an impossibly small package, yet when in use they appear stable and well-constructed. This is a difficult combination to achieve, but somehow after years of testing and development, Da-Lite has apparently worked it out.

It would be a wonderful world if we could count on our clients to have things ready for us when Travelling Business Presentations. But we don’t live in that world. The sooner you accept that and add a Fast-Fold projection screen to your business presentation gear, the sooner you’ll be impressing everyone with your forethought and preparation.

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