The Best Way To Write Emails: A Short, Step-By-Step Guide

The Best Way To Write Emails: A Short, Step-By-Step Guide

The first impression a person will have of you is based on the way you write your emails. In this article, we take you through practical and proven steps to write an email that gets the attention of the recipient. 

Business emails require the right tone and structure to get the correct response. In this article, we’ll show you the best way to write emails

Get The Attention Of The Recipient

You need to make sure that your email is correct before you send it. There are certain grammar mistakes that can turn people off of your email and cause them to ignore it. In this case, it is a good idea to proofread your email before sending it. 

The lack of a proofreader will most probably result in a poor email that causes a potential client to dismiss it as spam. You should send the email from a new email address as this will increase your chances of getting a response to your email. 

Your email address should be easy to remember. You can get an email address with a domain to send your email from. 

Take The Time To Plan

Before you compose any email, there are important steps you need to take to ensure your writing has the desired result. Planning is the best way to write emails, and the key to maintaining focus while at the same time, achieving the desired tone of your email. 

Make sure that your email conveys a powerful message. 

A simple sentence or two can go a long way to creating a lasting impression with your recipient.

Use Structure To Your Advantage

Start With Your Summary 

An email should be a short synopsis of your content, rather than a lengthy paper. So, before you write your content, you need to be able to highlight your email’s importance. 

By using the best way to write emails when writing your email from the start with an overall message, you can avoid technical jargon and keep your message focused on the core points that matter to your readers.

Clarity & Rationale 

First, the reader needs to see that you are human and understand how complex the task is and the amount of detail you are providing. 

You want to create a sense of urgency in the email and provide context. If there is not enough substance for the reader to understand the purpose of the email, they will likely overlook it. That is not the best way to write emails.

Conclude Effectively

Whether you are responding to a message that was directed to you or one sent to a mutual person, you need to ensure you follow correct email etiquette. Your emails should be cordial and polite, not aggressive. Think of it as a personal social media and be careful.

Be concise. And make sure you follow the format and guidelines outlined by your recipient. 


Witty or unsubtle writing styles can break sales. If you have a witty response, which is personalized and useful, then your efforts will go a long way towards achieving success.

The best way to write emails is to make sure that the action you are taking to achieve the outcome is measurable, so that you can easily compare the results month to month. 

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