The Truth About Buy Houses in DHA Lahore

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“I want to buy houses in DHA Lahore for better living. The current housing authority cannot cater to the rising population of the city. I am ready to buy a house in DHA Lahore that is within this limitation,” said Mirza Ghani, a resident of Rawal Range. She is looking forward to settling in the proposed M5 motorway interchange. “We will be using this facility for the movement of both domestic and foreign tourists from Rawal, Hyderabad, and Islamabad,” added Mirza.

Residents of Mughal era times were known to buy houses in DHA Lahore against the wishes of their families. There was an abundance of land for building and the resale value was good. Nowadays the scenario is different. Only the educated, well-to-do, and well-connected citizens have access to prime real estate in the city.

To begin with, there is a lack of affordable housing in Rawal. The problem has worsened with the arrival of many new projects. As a result, only the affluent people can afford to buy prime plots in DHA Lahore. In addition, prices of properties are on the rise. It is not possible for house buyers to purchase their dream home at reasonable rates.

The situation is similar in other parts of the country, but the numbers are much higher. As long as the capital is available, buyers have no option but to opt for prime locations in Rawal, Chokri or DHA Islamabad. Unlike before, there is no scope to buy houses in DHA Lahore. Only those who are in dire need of a house have options.

Some residents of Rawal feel that they are being treated like “commodities” by the real estate developers in the city. They feel that they are being pushed out of their homes as the developers ignore their demands and continue to develop the areas outside their control. These residents do not buy houses in DHA Islamabad, but they remain in the existing premises because they are trapped in a situation that makes them compelled to migrate.

As far as the government is concerned, it is not possible to curb this influx. Rather, it is being done to manage the capital resources of the country. If the demand for the urban property increases, then the government will have to step in with something to take care of the demand. But this is only going to create more problems for the residents of Rawal. So instead of offering house packages, why are they pushing people to migrate? It is obvious that this is not the right strategy.

Instead, the authorities should look into providing houses at reasonable prices and incentives to help the residents of Rawal and other cities buy houses in DHA Lahore. The housing developers can increase the supply of houses in those areas where people can actually afford to live. Once the supply exceeds the demand, the price will come down. This will happen until there is an imbalance between supply and demand. However, even then, the residents of Rawal and other cities will still be forced to migrate, because their options are limited.

Those who want to buy houses in DHA Lahore should take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the market with the help of real estate agency in Lahore . They can either buy a house on rent or engage in rental projects. This will not only help them save money, but also provide them with a sense of belonging and security. This is the essence of living in a community, and residents should make every effort to ensure that they have a place to live.