Thumbwind Publications LLC Celebrates Remarkable 33% Growth in Social Media Followers

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Caseville, MI – Thumbwind Publications LLC, the engaging digital storyteller of Michigan’s vibrant history and travel scene, proudly announces a 33% increase in its social media following over the past year. The company, which operates the niche website, has now captivated over 23,000 followers across various social platforms.

Thumbwind Publications LLC Social Media Growth

This milestone is a testament to Thumbwind’s commitment to sharing the rich tapestry of stories from the Thumb region of Michigan, offering readers a blend of historical insights, travel tips, and local news that resonate with both residents and visitors alike.

“We are thrilled to witness such a robust growth in our social media community,” said Mike Hardy, the founder of Thumbwind Publications LLC. “It’s a clear sign that our content is striking the right chord with those who share our passion for Michigan’s history and the endless adventures the Thumb region offers.” has become the go-to resource for those looking to explore Michigan’s hidden gems and celebrated landmarks. The site’s natural, conversational tone and commitment to informative, engaging storytelling have met the audience’s desire for authentic and insightful content.

This surge in social media presence reflects the site’s increasing popularity and underscores the rising interest in Michigan’s Thumb region as a destination for travelers and history enthusiasts alike.

Thumbwind Publications LLC invites new and existing followers to continue engaging with their stories, sharing content, and contributing to the ever-expanding narrative of Michigan’s Thumb region.

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Thumbwind Publications LLC is a digital publisher specializing in stories about the people, places, and history of Michigan, with a particular focus on the Thumb region. Through its portfolio of websites (thumbwind. com,,,,, and, Thumbwind engages a diverse audience with content that informs, entertains, and inspires. It is headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, with offices in Caseville, Michigan.

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