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Top Food Influencers in India You Must Know

Are you freaky mad for food and love to try different cuisines? Then why not try a hit on the tongue and be a food influencer. You can pick any influencer niche of your passion and interest. Precisely being a food influencer on the Best Social Media Influencer Platforms can give a chance to work with hospitality and hotel promotion business.

Many hotels, brand cafes, food companies, and hospitality groups are always keen on the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns on social media channels. If not working with marketing agencies, they are more exploring in working with individual influencers. So to know, let talk about the topmost food influencers in India you don’t know.

The Topmost Food Influencers In India To Follow:

Here is the list for food lovers to learn more exotic recipes in different cuisines.

  1. Nisha Madhulika: 

With her more than 10 million Youtube subscribers, Nisha Madhulika is a famous food influencer in India. She is known for her vegetarian cooking recipes and kitchen hacks across the channel. Nisha Madhulika is a creative and perfect cook for Indian dishes with easy and simple methods at home. 

  1. Grandpa Kitchen:

With more than 8 million subscribers, Granpa Kitchen is the next hit for food influencers with a separate shopping store on Youtube only. His channel is dedicated to healthy and different food in massive quantities for orphan kids. That’s what makes Grandpa Kitchen a channel with the deed of the follower. His channel also offers a mix of well-product categories in t-shirts, bags, hoodies, and phone covers with the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

  1. Kabita’s Kitchen:

Among the top food influencers in India, Kabita’s Kitchen is rocking with more than 9 million os youtube subscribers. She serves her audience with simple, authentic, and traditional Indian recipes that can mouth-water anybody. She is a super cool mom and has a massive following on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  1. Bharat Kitchen: 

Enrolled with more than 8 million Youtube subscribers, Bharat Kitchen, the host Bharat has multiple Youtube Channels like bharatzkitchen, Bharat Wadhwa, bharatz kitchen quick recipes. His channels are focused on food, quick and healthy recipes, different authentic cuisines, and more. 

  1. Sanjeev Kapoor:

Who doesn’t know the celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor? He is known for his sophisticated recipes, new invented tastes in the world’s best cuisines and meals. Sanjeev Kapoor is a true inspiration for millions of people to learn cooking as an art. He is a renowned TV personality, cookbook author, and even working for the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns for food products by Tata, and more.

  1. Karan Dua:

DilseFoodie started to inspire many food lovers and explorers to try out different cuisines, street food, fine dining places, etc. The channel is operated and managed by Karan Dua. He owned his passion for food from his own kitchen to chef influencer. With his new visits to food events, parties, and cuisines festivals, Karan Dua let everyone be more cheesy and loving.

Final Verdict:

Using Best Social Media Influencer Platforms for niches on travel, food, lifestyle, fitness, etc., is not marketing for brands and business. If you want to endorse any food brand, hospitality event, prepare on your passion and love for food. Make your own creative cooking hacks and tips your videos to engage more audience and brands to do business with you.

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