Tosh Trek – Full Guide 2024

Location: Tosh is about 21 kms from Kasol where the routes will take on through the Barshaini road in an hour until you reach your destination. 

Tosh trek located over Himachal is one of the easiest treks that comes after Kasol. Well, who would not want to go to a place where you can enjoy the splendid beauty of mountains and discover the realness of nature. It is set at an altitude of 2,400 meters. Tosh is a land believed to be blessed by Lord Shiva.

Tosh Himachal

Tosh trek is surrounded by peaks of Tosh glacier which are Papasura, White Sail, Angduri, Pinnacle and Devachan. Not only this you get to see the various flowers of Himalayan blue poppies, buttercups, primulas, marsh marigold and Barsam flowers. You will see the mountain goats as near Tosh village the people depend upon farming and animal husbandry so you will see various goats on to the end of your journey. 

In winters you get to see the snowfall in the month of November to February. You can cover Tosh trek in a day if you decide to go till Tosh glacier. If you wish to go beyond Tosh glacier then you will have to go through rocks and mud which will give rise to difficulty. Ideally Tosh trek should be avoided in monsoon because of the dangerous and slippery paths. 

You can choose to stay on Tosh as there are hotels which have been built that will make your journey relaxing. Also in this trek you will see the ice snow capped mountains which will enlighten your overall journey. The distance Tosh trek covers happens to be 6 kms which will take around 4 to 6 hrs of trekking. 

What you can eat in Tosh Himachal: 

Cafe near Tosh village offers almost everything which you like to eat so grab a dish and make your day as strengthening and refreshing as well. You can find cheap cafes near Jamadagni temple if you don’t wish to go to expensive ones. 

What you can look out for: 

On your way to Tosh trek you will experience Tosh river which is the tributary of Parvati following you and massive waterfalls which look charming although more. Note stay at a safe distance from the waterfall as possible as it can be dangerous to go near it. 


  • Spending two nights over mountains 
  • Stargazing and bonfire at night 
  • Explore the flawlessness of Kheerganga and Tosh 
  • Take a dip in the hot spring located on the banks of Parvati Kund 

Culture of Tosh:

Tosh is not only about its wondrous beauty but here you will find a kind of acquaintance with the locals. You see the simplicity of life that locals live far away from the city life. With its Pahadi culture, Tosh provides the food keeping in mind the tourists who wander here and the mesmerizing views of landscape and its fantastic weather and of course the Malana cream which you cannot miss. 

So Tosh does not stop here with just its views but rather you experience its diversity in culture and is like a second home to all the backpackers in India. 


Day 01- Travel from Delhi to Barshaini via Kasol and then you have to trek towards Tosh village. You can enjoy the stars at night and can visit the local temple. You can also visit Kasol there if you haven’t been there so far. 

Day 02- Now start your journey to Tosh trek and explore the waterfalls and apple orchards there. For lunch you can wish to eat in the local dhabas which will actually want you to eat more. Afterwards you can go for a tosh glacier trek. But for this you need to have a guide with you as the trekking level becomes difficult. 


Trekking shoes, woolen clothes, powerbank with extra batteries and energy bars, toiletries. 

Tosh trek is a strikingly popular trekking destination among tourists which will surely give you a great sense of delight when doing this trek. The trek takes you through the dense forests, bridges that cross through the Parvati river and to the Tosh village set amongst the snow capped mountains. 

So what are you waiting to explore this beautiful trek and have the wonders of it enlighten you. 

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