Methods On How To Tune Your Brain For Success

Methods on How to Tune Your Brain For Success

Most people are familiar with the Law of Attraction. However, there is something called the Training Balance Scale that blows the lid off the modern myths of success. One side of the scale is what’s termed the thinking side. It may also be referred to as, thoughts, goals, aims, and mental processes. This side also deals with your feelings and also how you feel or vibration.

This side has everything to do with what goes on inside the mind or the “Why”. The other side of the scale is what’s known as the action side. This side of the scale is about any sort of bodily movement, the executing the physical motion steps, strategies, executing, planning, activities, or action, know as the “How”.

There is a big difference involving the two sides of the training balance scale. Let’s say, for instance, you really feel like eating Italian food; and you say, “Oh man that veggie lasagna is to die for.” The other side would be, “I’m going to the Italian restaurant tonight.”

In this scenario wanting to go out to eat because you’re craving lasagna and desiring the experience of dining out would be the why, so to speak. Consequently, what you’re going to wear, what your means of transport is, and method of payment for your meal, etc., would be the how.

When you understand that your thinking is what brings things in your life into fruition, the how becomes completely irrelevant. The fact of the matter is if your desire is a Cadillac, and if I would ask you how are you going to get it, there may be no rational, logical, visible explanation on how you could possibly get this new Cadillac. It’s totally impossible based on what’s on your radar screen. Or if your desire is to pay off all your credit cards and get out of debt and I would ask you how you expect to do that.

You may look on your radar screen of everything you know in your life and you may proclaim that there is categorically no way for you to get out of debt. You have $50,000 in credit card debt, and based on your income and expenses, there’s no way that you could pay off your credit cards. That it’s impossible. All you’d be doing is looking at what you can see on the radar screen. If, for instance, you want to lose 40 pounds and on your radar screen you’re asking yourself how you’re going to do this.

That there’s no way you could ever lose weight. You cannot tell me how that could possibly happen. All the odds are stacked up against you: you’ve tried every diet in the world; you have no willpower; your metabolism is low; your thyroid doesn’t function properly; your whole family is overweight; you love to eat; you’re a great cook. Based on all the facts there’s absolutely no way. And you’d be correct because right now you only have the ability to look at what’s visible on your radar screen.

Write down a list of all the things you want if money and time was boundless and you knew you couldn’t fail. It could be anything material or immaterial. For example, you’d quit your job, start your own business, open up a restaurant, buy a brand new Mercedes/new wardrobe, learn a foreign language, be a great singer , learn how to paint, or whatever it may be.

Now take a look at your list and rate on a scale from 1 to 10 what your belief is that you could have each thing on your list within six months to a year. 10 being most definitely, and 1 being no chance. Hopefully, you have at least one desire ranked 10 out of 10.

When you are starting this process, it is imperative to only focus on the things that are ranked high on your list because you have more belief that you’ll achieve them. The desire that you want, the goal, the object, that will come to you the quickest, is a dream, goal or an objective that’s in “the sweet spot”. And what is the sweet spot? The sweet spot is something that you want, that has high excitement and desire surrounding it. It gets the juices flowing.

It gets you excited when you think about getting it. It gets you really motivated. It lights your fire, and at the same time, you absolutely believe you can get it. It has to be both. The sweet spot is a goal that you know you would feel so good when you get it and you believe that you can get it. This is why people who read books like The Secret, and Think and Grow Rich, and whom go to success seminars, fail to succeed.

They give you all these big dreams to focus on things that people don’t even believe they’re ever going to achieve. What’s needed is dreams, goals or desires that you can believe in.

Some of you right now want a brand new Mercedes. However you can’t bring yourself to believe you’ll ever get one. Here’s the point. Guess what? You’ll never get a brand new Mercedes. Just stop thinking about it. You need to define what you want however it has to be something you can believe in. The irony is that if you don’t believe that you will get it, it stops it from coming in. Simply put, the brain is a transmitter and receiver.

If someone has high desire, the intensity and power of the transmission of the thought will be very strong. And when you don’t possess high belief, you are in actuality putting out a counteracting transmission. Which is saying, “Brand new Mercedes stay away.” So you have intention and counter-intention being broadcast simultaneously which neutralize each other. The Mercedes is coming however being pushed away at the same time and therefore isn’t coming into your existence. So when you look at the list of all the things you want, you may want a lot of things today, however you only believe right now that you can only get a few or if any of them.

When you get to the level of practicing unconscious competence, as I spoke of in Part 1, the how will become unimportant. You will be able to dial in the frequency of exactly what you want; and increase the power and intensity so that it activates everything in the universe you want, and draws it to you like a magnet. It comes rushing towards you. Think about it this way: what you want wants you. There is a magnetic pole. You could attract money like a magnet, attract a lover…. you can attract the best relationships, friends and social status, accolades, success, achievements, and happiness. You can attract everything and anything and you want to be or do.

Which means every and anything you can dream of, any and every desire, by putting up the frequency of what you want, increasing the power and intensity, keeping the duration long enough, it will come rushing towards you. It has to by law. It’s the law of attraction which may be senior to any other law in the universe. That’s how everything works. You cannot deny it. You can not scientifically disregard it. Quite the opposite.

Every bit of a scientific evidence and proof shows this is something that is quantifiable and really works. Where once intangible dreams become tangible. Furthermore, it’s always in methods and ways that you can’t even imagine because it’s not even on your radar screen. You can’t even see it. So stop looking at the radar screen.

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