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Types of Links Which You Must Need to Build for Website

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the most used word is backlink. The new bloggers don’t know the importance and real meaning of backlinks. The links that are coming towards your website from other sites are called backlinks.

In the past, the ranking of a website depended on the numbers of backlinks. Now, search engines have made some changes but still, backlinks play a vital role in the ranking of a website. If you want to get success in the field of SEO, you should create the best quality backlinks for your website.

It means that you should pay attention to the quality of backlinks rather than the quality of backlinks. Here, we will discuss the types of links that you should build for your website.


Guest Blogging Backlinks

The backlinks that you get for your website through guest blogging are known as the most powerful backlinks. To create the backlinks through guest blogging, you should find the websites relevant to the niche of your website which are allowing the guest posts. After finding these websites, you should contact their moderators and discuss guest blogging.

While discussing the guest posts, you should try to know the keyword and length of the content. You should create the best quality guest post and submit this guest post on this website. When you submit your guest post on this website, you will get a do-follow backlink for your website. While sharing the guest posts, you should also check their DA and PA. You should try to share your guest posts on those websites whose DA and PA are high.

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Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are also the ideal backlinks for your website. While getting the editorial backlinks, you should make sure that you are getting the editorial backlinks from the well-reputed websites. You can get the editorial backlinks only when someone is citing your website as a source of information in their articles.

To get the editorial backlinks, you should create the evergreen and the best quality content. Its reason is that if the content of your website is low-quality, no one will like to mention your website as a resource on their websites. Another way to get the editorial backlinks is to find out the broken links of other websites. After finding these broken links, you should request them to replace these broken backlinks with their backlinks.

As broken backlinks become a cause of bad experience for the users of a website. Therefore, when you spot these broken links of a website, they will replace these broken backlinks with the links of your website in regard.

Guest Post Bio Backlinks

While finding the websites for the guest posting, if you find some websites which are not allowing the backlinks in the content, they may offer the do-follow backlinks in the author’s bio. If a well-reputed, high DA and PA website is allowing the do-follow backlinks in the author’s bio, you should avail this opportunity.

Its reason is that these kinds of do-follow backlinks from the best quality websites also last a positive impact on the SEO of a website. As these best quality websites have millions of viewers, therefore, you can also drive lots of viewers to your website. If your website is getting some direct views, Google will also try to improve the ranking of your website.

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Comment Backlinks

Comment backlinks also play a vital role in the SEO of a website. While creating comment backlinks, you should be very careful. Its reason is that lots of new bloggers create comment backlinks without taking care of the spammy backlinks. Moreover, they also create lots of comment backlinks from the spammy websites.

As a result, the spam score of their websites increases. To create the comment backlinks, first, you should find the best quality websites in your niche. After finding these websites, you should leave the valuable comments below the posts. If you don’t provide value to the viewers via your comments, moderators will try to remove your comments.

Another benefit of these comment backlinks is that these comment backlinks are the best way to drive lots of visitors to your website. Most of the websites allow no-follow backlinks in the comments. Anyhow, these no-follow backlinks will also be helpful for your website to maintain the ratio of the do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

Niche Directories

Most of you are thinking that directories are dead and no one is creating backlinks from the directories. Yes, you are right but you should know that general directories are dead. If you are getting backlinks from the general directories, you will not get benefit in the SEO of your website. Anyhow, niche directories are still working.

If you are getting backlinks from the niche directories, Google will consider these backlinks as powerful backlinks. For example if your website provides dissertation writing services, you should get backlinks from education niche. These niche directories backlinks are also helpful in the local SEO of a website.

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Now, the tip is that you should create links of your website on those niche directories which are providing value to the users. You should not create links on the automated backlink creation directories.

Press Releases

If your website has some newsworthy announcement to make, you can make use of the press releases. These press releases provide a foundation for your website to increase the PR of your website.

These press releases also provide the best marketing tactics to the websites to increase the traffic of your website.

Backlinks From Webinars

Webinars also provide valuable content to the websites to increase the backlinks of your website. You can embed these webinars on other websites along with your links. You should also mention your brand with the help of these webinars. These webinars are also just like guest posting. When you post webinars at the high DA and PA websites, you will get the best quality backlinks for your website.

You can also use the techniques of blog promotion to create backlinks for your website. Along with these backlinking techniques, you can also create high-quality backlinks for your website by creating profiles on the forums and by posting comments on the forums.

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