Should You Consider Buying Water Pipes?

Glass Water Pipe

There are a million and one ways to enjoy a good smoke, and enterprising individuals will even jury-rig their smoking contraptions and vape rigs. It all comes down to what you have available and how you like to enjoy the experience of a quality smoke. Hookah Bars have been using water pipes for hundreds of years. Let’s review what makes them unique.

You can roll your own, smoke from a glass spoon pipe or a chillum, or even enjoy the experience of vaping, which can be intense and highly convenient. But, then again, no one can deny the appeal of water pipes – A.K.A. bongs.

The Appeal of Water Pipes Over Others

Water Pipe

Enough people buy water pipes and use them to strengthen their appeal consistently. However, unlike a classic glass pipe, a spoon, water pipes filter the smoke through water, significantly affecting the smoking experience. Here are some reasons you might want to try one out for yourself.

  • Water pipes filter the smoke through the water, removing impurities and producing purer, cleaner smoke. This is not only more enjoyable, but it allows you to sample the savors of the smoke as cleanly as possible. In addition, excess tar and other contaminants get filtered out by the water in the percolator, leaving you with nothing but a cool, clean, pure smoke.
  • Water pipes can cool off the smoke in more ways than one, further heightening the experience. Smoking from a glass spoon produces notoriously hot and raspy smoke, which many smokers find overpowering and unenjoyable. A water pipe first will cool off the smoke by filtering it through water, which removes some of the harsh impurities and physically cools the smoke off, so you can enjoy more relaxed, more intense hits with none of the harshnesses of a pre-roll or a spoon.

Using Ice 

However, enterprising water pipe owners have other tricks up their sleeves. For example, some glass bongs have what is known as an ice pinch – a series of inverted dimples around the base of the neck of the bong. These are meant to contain the ice that some users pour into the channels of their bongs. The one-two punch of cool water and ice produces amazingly chilled, refreshing hits from a water pipe. Some bongs even have specialized chambers for glycerin cooling agents that can lower the temperature even further.

  • Depending on the internal volume of the percolator and chimney, you can build massive hits with a glass pipe. This is something else users like about water bongs. They allow for intense, heavy, voluminous sensations that are difficult to achieve via other means.
  • Another thing people love is bongs, which is a big reason people buy water pipes because they are easier to clean than other glass hand pipes. They may have a few minor moving parts, but they come apart for easy cleaning, whereas it’s effectively impossible to get at the inside of a glass pipe.
  • Finally, bongs are just downright cool. Sure, there are plenty of high-quality glass pipes and other smoking accessories that are artistic and customized. Still, there are plenty of beautiful glass pieces – especially heady glass – that nothing else can touch. Some glass water pipes are true works of art – you can swap out the bowls, mixing and matching them to suit the occasion, your mood, or your company’s tastes.

Final Thoughts on Buying Water Pipes

Perhaps these hit on some of your reasons for wanting to buy water pipes, and maybe you have your own. Either way, check out the collection online at They have tons of water pipes, dab rigs, spoons, cleaning supplies, and other smoking devices and accessories – they are an ideal online smoke shop. Check out their bongs for sale and if you need assistance, contact them at 202-506-3060.

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