Harvey Weinstein, COVID-19 and German Attack: News Headlines

Here are the main news headlines for today, 25 February 2020

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein was taken from a New York City courtroom in handcuffs today after a jury found the once high-flying movie producer guilty of rape and a criminal sexual act. The man who became a symbol of the me-too movement, and accused by dozens of women who claimed he sexually victimized them, faces possibly many years in prison.

Once one of Hollywood’s most influential power brokers, tonight he is behind bars as a convicted sex offender. After more than four days of deliberations, the jury here in New York found the 67 year old guilty of two counts of sexual assault, including rape. The district attorney called today’s decision a moment that will change the course of history.


The media mogul faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison acquitted of the most serious charge predatory sexual assault, which could have put him behind bars for life. Those charges based in part on Annabella Shore’s rape accusation. Today she said we can never regret breaking the silence.

More than 100 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, since blockbuster reports broke in The New York Times and The New Yorker two years ago. It was widely seen as a pivotal moment for all of Weinstein’s accusers; women like Caitlin Delaney.

As the jury read the verdict, Weinstein showed little reaction. Moments later, cuffed by officers and taken to prison he didn’t react emotionally; there was no crying or anything like that. All he kept saying over and over again was “I’m innocent, I’m innocent”. Weinstein has always denied ever having non-consensual sex. Weinstein is at a medical facility on Rikers Island awaiting his sentencing on March 11th.

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COVID-19 hits exchanges

Fears over the COVID-19 virus hitting hard on Wall Street, with the Dow plunging over a thousand points today, more than three and a half percent. The worst day in 2 years as cases surge outside China.

The COVID-19 virus is looking more and more like a global pandemic, spreading far beyond mainland China, where the government says strict quarantine have slowed infection rates locally. This has failed to stop the virus in Italy, a few cases this weekend ballooned today to over 200 with at least seven dead.

Train lines have stopped with nearly a dozen villages declared red zones. The challenge for the Italians is stopping the spread before it spreads through Europe’s open borders. That starts here at train stations, airports and transportation hubs. In Iran there are 12 dead so far, and the government is racing to increase production of surgical masks.

In South Korea, more than eight hundred now infected in the most impacted area. A line for face masks went on and on

If COVID-19 can impact 1/5 of the population, then it would be a catastrophe. The virus is now nearing pandemic proportions, as doctors believe many countries especially those bordering China probably have more cases than they know about or are reporting publicly.

Germany terrorist

A terrifying car attack has left some 30 people injured at a carnival in Germany. The driver is under arrest, and witnesses say he intentionally slammed into a crowd. At least 30% of those hurt were children. The motive is currently a mystery, and it comes only days after a far-right extremist gunman killed nine people in Germany.

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That’s the main news headlines for today 22 February 2020.

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