What Are the Best Cake Decorating Supplies?

What Are The Best Cake Decorating Supplies?

In order to properly stretch your creative baker muscles, you would want to have everything you need right within reach. You should be able to step to the side and pick up a container of green fondant, then lean over and pick up your piping bag.

You want to have the best cake decorating supplies at your fingertips so that you can not only get your work done but experiment and practice this skill that you’ve developed. You owe it to yourself and to your profession to seek out the best supplies for your shop that you can find.

So what ingredients do you need exactly? Here are some of the items you should be on the lookout for so that you can have the best cake decorating supplies in your shop and make your cakes look the best that they can.


As small as they are, cupcakes can move pretty quickly in and out of a shop. You would want to be prepared to make cupcakes consistently and without slowing yourself down by waiting for orders of buttercream and frosting to come in.

You should have a few flavors of buttercream frosting in the most popular flavors, so vanilla, chocolate, and probably strawberry just to be safe. For decorating cakes or cupcakes for special occasions, you will also need frosting in different colors. The ones that will probably get you the furthest are red, yellow, blue, pink, and green. These will really come in handy for seasonal or holiday-themed cakes.

Toppings & Sprinkles

Now that you’ve gotten the base of your cake done, we can add some details on top. Right on top actually. Sometimes you will just want different types of sprinkles to gently throw on top of your cake or cupcake. It is a very simple way of decorating your cakes, but we still do it to this day because it works.

One more exciting way of decorating your cakes with sprinkles is to pat it onto the sides of the cake instead of pouring it right on top. This approach also works with other add-ons, so keep that in mind. You do not only have to work with sprinkles though but other mix-ins as well, including chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate crunch, or even mini marshmallows.

Piping Gels

Piping gels are a fun choice for the more artistic cake decorators, especially those with steady hands. You can do beautiful black piping designs on white wedding cakes or simply spell out “Happy Birthday” in white piping on a sheet cake. Feel free to practice piping details to your heart’s content and do beautiful work.

That’s the general list of items you would want in your shop in order to decorate cakes to the best of your ability. From laying down the base over a cake to putting on the finishing touches on a cupcake.

You can find the best cake decorating supplies pretty easily and get them started in the kitchen in no time. Next time you are adding decorating supplies to your shopping list, make sure to visit Stover & Co. for everything you could want.

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