What you should know about custom-made fitted wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes made to your specifications may not be the best choice for your bedroom. Flat-pack furniture can be more affordable and practical if you’re on a tight budget. Carpentry knows that fitted wardrobes offer the best storage solution. Fitted wardrobes can be beneficial for many reasons.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a wardrobe which fits you perfectly. Many major retailers offer fitted furniture in a variety of price ranges. Carpentry is happy to help our customers find an affordable joining solution.

2. Style Flexibility

It can be hard to find ready-made furniture if you don’t like it. Custom-made wooden furniture can be design to your specifications. Furniture style are only limited by your imagination.

3. Made to Fit

There are many odd corners in older homes. Furniture that is freestanding can take up more space than it will be useful. Furniture designed to meet specific requirements will match the characteristics of a room perfectly.

4. Customise your wardrobe

Want a wardrobe that has a dressing table built in and room for your hairdryer or make-up? It’s possible. If you want your bedroom to be neat and tidy, this might be the solution for you. Your dressing table will disappear when you close your wardrobe.

5. More storage, less dust

Freestanding cabinets take up space both above and below. Dust can collect at the tops of cabinets and in bedrooms, dust is not good. Custom-designed wardrobes with storage that reaches the ceiling can solve this problem.

6. How to Make the Most of your Space

A sliding wardrobe door is a great solution for confined areas. Once your partner opens your wardrobe, you won’t need to climb over the bed to leave the bedroom.


Consider the size and shape your bedroom. It can be more convenient to put a wardrobe in the exact location you desire. Furniture that’s design to fit is no problem.

8. Select the Depth

Freestanding wardrobes are typically sized between 550mm and 600mm deep. If you’re from the 80s and want to pad your shoulders, custom wardrobes can come as deep as you like.

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9. How to increase the value of your house


Customized wardrobes can be made to suit your need. Fitted wardrobes are customizable to your specific needs. You can customize the wardrobes to include additional hanging rails or integrated lighting. Shoe racks can be specialize.


Freestanding wardrobes may not be suitable in some situations. A fitted wardrobe might fit. It can be difficult to furnish a space with chimneys and windows that are not aligned correctly. Fitted wardrobe are design to maximize the space available and work around obstructions. The fitted wardrobe is able to adapt to even the most complex spatial configurations.


Fitted wardrobes can maximize the vertical space. Fitted wardrobes, which extend from the floor to the ceiling, maximize the vertical space in the room. They also offer plenty of storage and drawers as well as hanging rails. Vertical optimization allows for more storage space and reduces dust accumulation on top of wardrobes. This is a common problem with older closets.


Consider them an investment for your home. These wardrobe will last for a lifetime and are made with high-quality craftsmanship. You can choose from a range of colours to match your board and glass. A fitted wardrobe is not just about aesthetics. You can make your life easier with better storage and organization.


You can also find out more about us on our website. Carpenter Dubai Team Carpentry does not only build and fit furniture. We can help you with everything from interior design to door style. Flat-packs do not offer this level of service.