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What is the fastest and most affordable method to transform your house and increase its value instantly? Answer: It’s simple.

Painting your house is the only home improvement that can completely transform it in a short period of time. You can update your home’s style and appearance for less than $2,000! A fresh coat of painting will do more than just improve your home’s aesthetics.

  • Protect It : Paint forms a barrier to keep moisture, dust and other contaminants away from your surfaces.
  • Maintenance : When you repaint your house, you can find and correct any defects that may exist on its surfaces.
  • Paint can prevent obsolescence. If your house is older, it will look out of place if you paint it.
  • Protect the market value : A fresh coat will make you home more attractive to buyers and more valuable.

Do you want to paint your house yourself or should you hire a professional?

What is the best approach to this project, given the impact paint has on the appearance and value of your home? Do you think it’s a good idea for you to paint your house yourself? Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Does painting your house yourself have any impact on its appearance and value over the long term?

Before answering the question, we might ask why some homeowners believe they can paint their home themselves.

There are two main reasons why homeowners choose to paint themselves.

  • The cost of hiring an experienced painter is what they are focusing on. They see the painter as an expense to avoid, rather than a long-term commitment.
  • Second, many homeowners consider house painting to be a fun and easy activity. It is no different than what children do with paints on canvas.

This kind of thinking is wrong because it ignores an important point: the actual process of painting a home is not as simple as choosing the colors of paint and applying them. Over 75% of the painting process takes place before the paintbrush is even picked up.

The most important step in painting a home is surface preparation .

Surface preparation accounts for more than 75% in the painting process. Professional painters use surface preparation to prepare a surface for painting. Surface preparation is done to ensure paint adheres to the surface. Paint failure is a result of poor surface preparation.

What is the professional painter’s role in surface preparation? It depends on the type of surface and paint being used. No single technique or procedure can be used to prepare all surfaces. The type of surface, its condition and the painter’s technique will determine how to proceed.

Here are the most common stages in surface preparation .

  1. Power wash : The first step is to use a jet of water in order to remove dirt, dust and surface impurities.
  2. Scrubbing : This laborious process involves manually scraping the surface in order to remove any remaining impurities after pressure washing.
  3. Surface Repair : Pressure washing or scraping will reveal any weak, damaged, or rotten spots.
  4. Caulking and sanding – Caulk or filler is applied to smooth out imperfections and create a level surface. After sanding the entire surface, it is smoothed.
  5. Primer: The final step before painting is to apply primer. This ensures the paint job looks perfect, even if the surface has uneven color patches.

You can see from the examples above why you should hire a professional to paint your house. If you don’t follow the steps, dust, dirt and old paint will get stuck between the new paint and the surface. This can prevent the paint from adhering properly and cause it to flake, blister or peel.

It isn’t the only reason you should hire a professional painting services for your home. The following are some of the benefits that a professional painter will provide.

The benefits of hiring a professional to paint your house

Professional advice

The most difficult part of painting your home is choosing the color scheme. Professional painters can guide you through the thousands options available by showing you the colors that buyers prefer or which will look best in your home. A professional painter can put their experience to work for you.

You get a beautiful home done to perfection.

Hiring a professional is a better option than painting your house yourself. You can expect the paint to be perfectly straight. Professional painters will ensure that there are no roller marks or brush strokes visible in the painted surface. It is important because small details can make or break a paint job.

A professional painter can also execute intricate designs perfectly. You must be limited to simple designs when you paint your house yourself. When you hire a professional, you are able to unleash your creativity.


If there is an issue with the paint you are using, the cost to fix it will be your responsibility. When you hire a professional with a warranty, it is a different story. You can ask the painter to fix any problems that you find with the painting or paint.

Save time and keep safe.

There is a high risk of injury when painting your home’s exterior or the top surfaces of the rooms. Hiring a professional will help you avoid these injuries. Most homeowners also underestimate the time it takes to paint their home. The time and money they spend is more than what they had budgeted. Professional painters will finish on time, minimizing the disruption in your life.

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Easy cleaning

Cleaning up after house painting can be just as difficult as painting the home itself. Most amateur house painters find this to be the most difficult part of painting their homes. Professional painters know how to minimize mess and speed up cleanup. The professional painter will have your home in perfect condition in no time.

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