Why You Need a Juul Portable Charger

Why You Need a Juul Portable Charger

If you are a lover or frequent user of the infamous Juul vaping device, you definitely know firsthand of the inconvenience that comes along with owning a portable vaping device. Considering how small a Juul device is, it’s easy to lose, easy to misplace, and very easy to forget to charge.

Since Juuls are so small and compact, their size doesn’t allow for a huge battery, thus giving the device small battery life. This could pose a problem if you are traveling, at work, or simply don’t have the small charger on hand. While having a Juul is a great option to quit cigarettes, it’s not the most convenient at times.

Juuls are a great alternative to cigarettes. They’re sleek, small, discreet, and virtually odorless. However, their sleek, small design makes them extremely prone to being lost or misplaced. Sure, you can put them in your wallet or your pocket, but the chances of the Juul falling out are very high.


If you are someone that enjoys hitting your Juul many times during the day, is finding yourself constantly misplacing your Juul, or you always run into a dead battery, there is only one solution that would make your life much easier. The accessories from Vaportronix are just the thing to rid you of any inconveniences with your Juul.

Why Vaportronix?
At Vaportronix, they are dedicated to finding easy and genius solutions to common problems that people with Juuls face. And they have done so with the VQ Volt. For someone constantly on the go, this product is the perfect solution for you. The VQ Volt is a Juul portable charger that can go wherever you do.

This is the world’s first portable, universal charger designed specifically for the Juul brand vape device. This means you can charge your Juul vaporizer whenever you want, wherever you want. The steel plates and high-strength magnets allow this accessory to be attached to virtually any smooth or flat surface.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time at their home office, considering many of us are working from home nowadays, you can stick this portable charger right on your desk for quick and easy charges whenever you need it. If you are someone who commutes to work or spends a lot of time driving, you can easily place the VQ Volt right on your car’s dashboard for whenever your Juul needs a little boost in charge.

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to use this portable charger is to stick it on the back of your phone! Plus, you will never lose another Juul again because you always will know where you last placed it. This charger is not only convenient but it’s very slim, so your phone won’t be extra bulky or weighed down with this charger.

With the VQ Volt portable charger, you will never have to worry about where your next charge will be or ever losing your Juul or Juul charger again. The team at Vaportronix wants to help stop the need for cigarettes, so by encouraging the use of the Juul and making it easier to use, cigarettes will soon be a thing of the past.

At Vaportronix, you can find affordable and high-quality vaping accessories to make your vaping experience easier and more enjoyable. As former smokers, the team at Vaportroniz understands first hand the difficulties of trying to quit cigarettes by using a Juul, that is why you can trust their products with your vaping devices.

Check out their products at vqvolt.com!

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