Why You Should Get a Pair of Colorful Sunglasses


While they aren’t the most common, you’ve still probably seen them around on the faces of models in advertisements and style-savvy folks on the street. We’re talking about colorful sunglasses, that is. Sunglasses might typically be more associated with black, charcoal, and a smokey blue, but they are available in a rainbow of colors, sometimes even multiple colors at once. As cool and fun as they are, we often hesitate to pick up a pair in a store or click add to cart even when we love the design. Let’s try to be a little more honest with ourselves about what we think looks good and want to start wearing. If you know that that is how you are and need a little extra push to buy colorful sunglasses, then keep reading and see this as your sign to go for it.

Adds to an Outfit

Colorful sunglasses are not just good on their own, but great when you wear them with the right outfit. You can go full-on fashion expert and pick out outfits that coordinate with your sunglasses perfectly. Or… you can be like most of us and wear pretty simple outfits, but elevate it with something that stands out more. A good pair of colorful sunglasses can do a lot for even a simple, casual look of a T-shirt and jeans. With something as small as that, you can make it look like you put more effort into your appearance and are just stylishly effortless. Who will know the difference?

Not the Usual

Something that makes colorful sunglasses work so well is that they are just a little bit different than what we are used to seeing. They are only sunglasses, but somehow the added detail of color makes them seem like a completely different style altogether. Honestly, that feels like a breath of fresh air. When everyone is trying to follow a trend or borrow from someone else’s style, it’s nice to know that we can still wear things that aren’t the exact same all the time. It’s nothing crazy, but it is refreshing.

Breaks You Out of Habits

Wearing things that you normally would not expect from yourself can be a good thing for you. It can help to keep you from falling into the same pattern over and over again of only wearing certain things. Occasionally doing things a little differently than you normally would like wearing colorful sunglasses could help remind you that you have a lot of options. It does not always have to be your one “safe” outfit. You can break free from that mindset and keep your option open.

So there’s your sign. You’ve been wanting a pair of colorful sunglasses for long enough now to know that it is something you actually like. Have some fun and start wearing them out when the sun is high. You can find some cool options over at wearerunaways.com, where they have blue, purple, orange, and multi-colored sets. The one you’ve been imagining might be there already.

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