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Why Your Business Should Use Managed IT Services

If your business relies on technology, such as desktop computers, data, information storage, printing, telephony, internet access, then you need someone to actively manage these in order to reduce the chances of failure or cyber attacks, which could close your business.

So you have the choice of hiring someone internally or having an external consultant or business look after your IT systems.

According to Payscale, the average IT manager salary in Australia as of November 2019, is $105,000.

That is a significant cost for most small to medium Australian businesses to have, especially if there is not enough work to keep one IT manager full time engaged and busy.

As a result, most small businesses are finding they require the services of a managed IT services provider (MSP) now more than ever before.

Those small businesses without someone actively managing their IT systems, are taking massive risks, and are considered very easy targets for cyber criminals.

Small businesses are considered the most vulnerable to cyber criminals because there is still an alarming percentage of small businesses that don’t invest in security measures such as hiring a managed IT service provider.

Instead of relying on an in-house employee to keep up with the constant changes and breadth of IT, many Australian business owners know the importance of outsourcing their needs to a managed IT service provider, you receive a team of IT technicians that proactively take care of your organisation’s IT needs.

The constant need for maintaining secured networks, proper data backups, keeping software up to date, monitoring, and maintaining servers and computers, are more than enough reasons to hire a managed IT service provider for your business.

It’s also important for business owners to understand that they need managed IT services constantly rather than calling someone when something goes wrong.

What services do MSP typically provide?

Depending on your current needs, a managed IT service provider will typically manage many of the day to day and disaster planning aspects of your business IT systems. This includes ongoing monitoring, system maintenance, hardware setup and remote management, software audits and the like.

The goal of Managed IT Services is to proactively monitor and maintain your systems to help prevent problems and downtime.

For example, one of the longest running managed IT services Perth providers, Bekkers, have a wide range of options for services and level of management, giving you and your team the peace of mind that all demanding aspects of your IT systems are being cared for.

They will recommend active management and services, such as;

Onsite IT systems setup. For example, set up hardware and software within your business location, or locations.

Software patching and maintenance. Ensuring that your network contains the latest software updates to ensure no hackers or viruses ever bypass your security protocols and infect your system architecture.

Mobile access and networking. Setting up of mobile devices to allow your team to connect from any location.

Managed cloud infrastructure. Set up and manage ongoing cloud tools, to allow colleagues to attend meetings and collaborate using cloud based software.

Managed storage backup. Making it possible for staff to upload information and update assignments from anywhere with the protection of remote backup.

Anti-malware software. Installing software programs onto your company’s computer system to keep your network protected from viruses.

Remotely managed print services. Allowing authorised employees to print and manage documents on the company network from any location; across the road, in Ubud, Bali or on a boat in the Caribbean.

Application compatibility. Making sure all the hardware components and software programs that comprise your IT network are integrated and compatible.

3 ways managed IT services save you money

Managed IT service providers can save your business significant money. Here are just three of the more effective cost savings.

Reduce and prevent downtime

Managed IT services keep your technology running at its peak performance. Just like having regular maintenance done to your car, you save money preventing problems before they happen. If your car broke down, you’d lose money getting it repaired and also lose the ability to get things done, costing you money and time.

Can prevent costly IT attacks

When you equip your Australian business with managed IT services, you protect your personal data and your company. With the right security measures in place, such as firewalls, spam protection, anti-virus, anti-malware, you have peace of mind from hackers, identity theft, ransomware, etc.

Saves you and your employees time

You never have to wait around for “IT guys” to show up. With scheduled maintenance, your network is constantly monitored, you won’t have to worry about having unusable computers.

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