Benefits of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone – The Stone of Saturn

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire gemstone is linked with the Planet Saturn because of which this stone has the powers to bring luck, clarity, and calmness into the life of the wearer. This blue-colored stone comes in various hues of dark blue and the transparency of the stone adds elegance to its look. This gemstone is worn widely and highly because of its beauty and the various metaphysical properties it contains. As per astrology, Blue sapphire gemstone is one of the Navratans. Navratans are the nine stones having the most powers in the world. And so blue sapphire is considered as a stone of the highest quality. Also known as Neelam in India, it is a gem with Saturn’s influence.

In this article, we will discuss how this stone will be beneficial for you to wear. If you want positivity in your life, and get yourself protected from negative energies, blue sapphire stone can help you. We have mentioned all the benefits that you will get after wearing this stone.

Astrological Significance of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone 

As mentioned above, the blue sapphire gemstone’s ruling planet is Saturn. Astrologically, sometimes some people have a particular planet in a negative position in their birth chart. This negative position will create a nuisance in your life. To remove these adverse effects, a gemstone is recommended. If you have Saturn in a negative position in your Kundli, astrologers or Pandits will recommend you wear an original blue sapphire gemstone. The positive powers of the blue sapphire gemstone will remove all the negativity from your life.

The powers of blue sapphire are mentioned in the next section for you to know how it will benefit you.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gem

A natural blue sapphire gemstone will impact all parts of your life. It will change your personality by attracting warmth, peace, and contentment into your life. The stone’s energies will affect your mind, body as well as spirit, know all the benefits of blue sapphire stone here:-

The blue sapphire stone is a stone which powers brings positivity in the form of stability and serenity into the life of the person who wears it.

  • Saturn is said to be a planet of wisdom, good luck, and abundance. Hence, with the blessings of Saturn, blue sapphire will bring you fortune and success.

  • The fortunate blue sapphire stone will also help you manifest your goals. And take the steps you need to achieve your aim in life.

  • Original Neelam stone is also known to increase the self-confidence of the person who wears it.

  • It will add grace and charm to your personality.

  • The stone will reduce your worries and troubles as well. It will help you heal emotionally. The soothing vibes that the stone will bring to you will calm you and give you peace of mind.

  • This stone will also help you connect to the higher powers of the universe. The gem increases your concentrations, which help you during practicing spirituality. And hence, it will help you meet the divine.

  • The blue sapphire gemstone is a stone of protection as well. It is said that when a person wears a natural blue sapphire gemstone with proper procedure, the stone’s energy creates a shield around the wearer. This shield protects the wearer from many negative energies including evil forces, bad omens, evil eye, and misfortune.

Healing Properties of Blue Sapphire Stone 

Blue Sapphire gemstones also have healing properties that heal the person physically. There is no scientific proof but as per astrology, the gem energies flow through you and these vibrations cure you. The belief has it that the stone will keep you active and increase your energy levels. A natural blue sapphire stone will also regulate your hormones and stabilize your mood swings. 

Indeed, the Neelam stone will boost your metabolism and immune system. The stone is also known to remove the harmful toxic substances from your body which may make you fall ill. Your immune system is the first line of defence of your body and so it is very beneficial for you.

Additionally, the blue sapphire gemstone will cure or treat any problems or ailments related to the stomach, kidneys, and bones. Also, it will make your skin glow and treat any related diseases.


Blue sapphire stone is one of the most beautiful gemstones of all times. This gemstone, however, is most known for its benefits and dynamic powers. The healing properties, spiritual enlightment, and protection abilities of the stone make it a wonderful gem.

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