Can Animated Explainer Video Really Help SaaS Companies

Can Animated Explainer Video Really Help SaaS Companies In Their Marketing Efforts

There have been wrong interpretations of 3D animated explainer videos. Many think animated short videos are only suitable for video game promotions. 

However, it is not the truth.

The use of animation never gets confined to gaming and entertainment. Even SaaS companies in India can leverage short animated videos for their product marketing objectives.

According to WyzOwl survey reports,

  • 94% of marketers find short videos help their targeted audience understand their product values.
  • On the other hand, 86% of marketers claim that videos boost lead generation.

No wonder video marketing is one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for businesses. From the video game and real estate to even the software industry, short animated videos fit perfectly for their product or service promotions to the audience.

When you enlist the expertise of 3D animation studios to whisk animation into your promotional video-making efforts, the chances of your marketing success get heightened.

Step into a world of captivating visuals that not only grab attention but also leave a lasting impact on your audience. Elevate your brand storytelling with the magic of animation!

In fact, no marketing effort is complete without videos today.

And when it comes to SaaS products or service marketing, animated explainer videos are one of those dominant avenues to fetch customers and revenue.

Short animated product demos always seem helpful in pushing sales forward regardless of the SaaS marketing team’s strategies. An animated quick product demo video allows potential customers to look deeper into the SaaS product. It enables the customers to learn whether the SaaS product will solve their issues or not.

What Are The Types Of Animated Explainer Videos

Whether developing animated explainer videos for your SaaS product, remember that quality always matters to audiences. Additionally, not all kinds of animations are suitable for all products. Some SaaS products suit traditional videos well, while many SaaS products’ features flourish with 3D animated videos.

No matter what type you choose, quality animation is a must to establish your product takeaways and engage your audiences.

Some of the dominant types of animated product promotional videos are:

Traditional Animated Videos

  • Traditional and classic animation connects with the audience in a compelling manner.
  • Classic animated videos can prove as potential marketing tools for many SaaS presentations.
  • By leveraging modern animation tools, SaaS marketers can incorporate hand-drawn animated characters into their promotional videos.

Recorded Product Usage Demos

  • Recorded product demonstration is far from traditional and whiteboard animation.
  • However, many SaaS marketers mingle animated instances with recorded videos to make them more appealing to customers.
  • SaaS marketers use this kind of video to highlight their product features and potential product usage.
  • One can find this kind of animation on web pages or in the form of gifs.

Whiteboard Animation

  • Whiteboard animated explainer videos have been around here for a few years.
  • Straightforward and detailed animation is one of the critical elements of whiteboard animated videos that has encouraged businesses to embrace it.
  • Whiteboard animated videos showcase the prime features of SaaS products, highlighting the technical aspects of products.
  • Additionally, whiteboard animated videos excel a brand’s style and personality.

3D Animated Explainer Videos

  • 3D animation is the heartthrob of the entire world. Every group of people enjoys 3D animated videos, from kids to older people.
  • The global 3D animation market will reach $39.96 billion by 2028. (Grand View Research)
  • Earlier animation was a significant part of unity 3D game development or Unreal game development. However, these days, 3D animation is one of the most potent marketing tools for SaaS companies.
  • A 3D animated explainer video can display all the aspects of SaaS products, from hardware integration, prime features, functions, Etc.

How Do Animated Explainer Videos Benefit SaaS Marketing Efforts?

The global SaaS industry will grow to a whopping 720.44 Billion by 2028. (Globe Newswire)

Unless SaaS marketers cling to efficient marketing strategies, how will they secure growth in the growing industry?

The effectiveness of animated explainer videos comes to the front at this point.

Following are some of the main benefits that animated video integration into SaaS marketing offers:

Explain Your Products At Ease

SaaS products cater to solving complex business problems.

So, is there anyone expecting SaaS products to be superficial?

SaaS products are never easy to understand.

With unique interfaces, features, functions, and dashboards, SaaS products aren’t easy to understand. SaaS companies have to make their customers understand their product functions well. Unless they do, their products will never fly off the shelves.

Moreover, SaaS companies require top-of-the-funnel attention from their audience to generate the constant demand for the products.

Animated videos are the only way to achieve this goal.

Through animated short demos,

  • Companies can explain the intangible aspects of the products.
  • Animated videos can bring all the prime features and functions of the product under the spotlight.
  • B2B and B2C marketers leverage animation to introduce their products to the audience and elaborate on every product feature.

This way, companies can simplify their product features, making them more understandable to their targeted customers.

Customers can relate the product values to their business pain points. Consequently, it boosts conversion.

Engage Your Customers Like Never Before

  • Animated videos do not only present specific features of SaaS products uniquely. They create engaging stories around the features and functions of SaaS products and draw people towards the story.
  • Marketers can leverage 3D animation to create animated explainer videos to engage the audience and seize their attention as quickly as possible.
  • An interactive and engaging demo video always steals the heart of potential customers.

Successful Demonstration Of SaaS Product Functionalities

SaaS customers never show any concern for the aesthetic pleasure of products.

All of their concerns lie in the utility of SaaS products.

  • Animated explainer demo videos can show customers how the product will help them solve their business issues.
  • The videos are straightforward in discussing the features and functions of a SaaS product to help customers understand its utility.
  • Moreover, these demo videos show how the product will work after implementation. It will also enable the audience to clear their minds regarding the product’s functionalities.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, animated explainer videos can assist SaaS companies in marketing. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective and streamlined marketing tools for the SaaS industry to drive sales and boost ROI.

For SaaS promotional videos, it does not matter how gorgeously you create your demo video. Make sure the video excels all the credibility of your SaaS products.

Additionally, ensure the animated video production company you choose holds experience working with SaaS companies in India.

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