How to Overcome Protein Deficiency in Your Diet

How to Over Come Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency in our body can be felt in several ways. Since protein is the building block of our life everything from our skin to body cells require protein – amino acids, the deficiency of this essential nutrient can affect our daily routine.

According to a research, protein deficiency is when your body isn’t able to intake or doesn’t get enough protein and moreover, one billion people all over the world suffer from inadequate protein intake. In most regions of the world, 30% of the children suffer from protein deficiency.

For a proper bodily function you should get protein for at least 10 percent of your daily calories. (Multiply your weight by 0.36 for a gram target, in pounds.) And you want it all day long from a variety of sources: a 6-ounce tub of low-fat Greek breakfast yogurt has about 17 grams; a lunch serving of skinless chicken breast has about 25 grams; and a dinner cup of black beans has about 15 grams.

Your body breaks down and, in many ways, reuses protein. As we grow up and our bodily requirement change and sometimes we aren’t able to cover up the deficiency. As protein available in a wide of variety of plants and animal sources. Here are few ways to overcome protein deficiency in your diet:

Protein Supplements

It is an often common practice to obtain protein from alternative sources. Especially for people who work out and fitness enthusiasts who need protein to make up their muscles and cover up deficiency, taking protein from unnatural sources is common. It is actually harmful when the protein source is not reliable. So if you are opting for protein sources be wise to choose the healthy ones. One option is to buy natural protein bars. You can also use the built bar coupon to purchase natural protein bars that are low on calories.


Eggs are some of the nutritious things you can have that must gram per gram, and they are incredibly versatile-you can make them a lot of ways. But most importantly, protein is filled with them. Whole eggs are rich in protein and proteins are almost exclusively egg whites. There are 6 complete grams of protein in a single large egg.


They are full of fiber and can reduce the cholesterol while helping to avoid heart disease. Oats are very nutritious and usually a good part of every diet. They also contain a lot of protein; 13 grams of protein is just half a cup of raw oats.

Cottage Cheese

A top-tier protein alternative is cottage cheese. When paired with fruits or a few other delicacies, it makes for a delicious light snack or even a light dinner. And it can be eaten cold, so the preparation is quick. There’s 27 grams of protein in one cup of cottage cheese.

Chicken Breast

One of the most common foods high in protein is chicken breast. Much of the calories come from protein if you eat it without the skin. Also, chicken breast is very simple and flexible to prepare. In a vast variety of dishes, it can taste delicious.

Other Ways to Overcome Protein Deficiency

While diets are amazing to overcome protein deficiency the real problem arises when your body gets too lazy or incapable of making its own protein so that you have to rely on external sources. A major way to optimize the body functions and ensure everything works properly is to add workout in your routine. Working out regularly can make your body develop more muscles and lose fat.

As you strain your muscles with heavy loads and intense exercise your body finds the need to compensate the muscle weakness by building more protein. And with the right diet and correct exercises you can shed those extra fats and get healthy strong muscles. Those muscles will build up your stamina and make your health get better every single day.

Working out does not only mean spending hours in gym but it means doing the workout the right way. Now when it comes to working out there are several dos and don’ts.

The Right Way to Work out To Improve your Health

Since, Starting the journey to a healthy weight and rocking bod is something we all plan one day or another. Most of us just remain till the planning phase kept busy in day to day routine and not finding the time to actually act upon it. But if you are one of those few lucky people who have gotten the chance to actually take out some precious time out of your busy lives to work out then this is for you. Also for those who didn’t hit the motivation yet, keep reading as you shall one day start the journey towards healthy weight! And to motivate you further work out will not only lose you pounds but:

  • Work out improves the body balance and stability
  • It detoxifies your body through sweat
  • Its loses fats and builds muscles
  • It increases your immunity
  • It brings the right curves to your body

Just because you hit the gym 4 times a week and work those muscles out does not mean you have got it all accomplished. The purpose is not to tear your confidence but to realize the Dos and Don’ts of your hard work hitting the gym or even when you are working out at home.

Dos of the Workout


An exercise more than an hour is an ideal deal but you need to be prepared for that. If your body is not energetic enough how come can it lift those heavy weights and run those miles on the tread mill? Don’t bloat yourself but don’t starve either. The golden rule of eating before work out is to have a proper meal 2 hours prior to exercise. As the digestion process takes at least 2 hours to break down and assimilate the food to the body cells, the consumed meal will give you the right energy to burn those extra fats. But don’t go for burgers or pizzas, anything healthy that gives you energy rather than taste of tongue would be wise.


Not the only reason to drink water but consuming an enough amount of fluid allows your body to remain cool and calm as well as lubricate your joints. Dehydration during intensive workout can lead your body to lose its strength and may cause you to faint. Who would want that? Drink enough water 30 minutes before the workout so that you get enough nutrients and energy transported to your blood cells precisely.

Warm up

Those sit ups you hate and the stretching you find useless? Do not skip that. This is as important as it gets. Warming your body up for an intensive workout is highly important. As you stretch your muscles and warm up your joints with little movements, then abrupt movements and stress will not cause damage that could have happened otherwise.

Compensate with Diet

Your body loses fat and those extra calories during the workout. In order to keep on and running you must compensate the loss with something valuable. A burger in exchange of getting rid of those love handles doesn’t sound smart. Rather make protein a regular part of your diet so the body mass fat is compensated with muscle. It is essential for people who are trying to build muscles.  Having rich protein sources such as meat, eggs and lentils is a good way to keep up your health. You can also use protein sources such as protein bars. The Builtbar coupons help you get essential proteins without spending much on the natural source.

Don’ts of Workout


Stay away from alcohol before those healthy workout hours. It will not only slow down your metabolism but also acts as a depressant. It can dull your senses and slow down the body as well. Moreover, if you consume soda before you work out the high sugar levels can spike up the insulin which will throw off your body balance.

Pain Killers

Muscles pain the early workout days is a tough thing to have. Especially for someone who has joined the gym first time, the muscle pain can be detrimental enough to throw away their motivation. Taking any sort of pain relievers before workout in unhealthy and can also cause you injuries in the small intestine.

Not Changing Clothes

Once you are done for the day it is advised to change the clothes no matter if you didn’t sweat that much because of the cold weather. Wearing workout clothes for long hours after you are one can cause you acne and yeast infection. Especially with workout socks, done compromise your feet health else you will be troubled with foot fungus or ring worms.


We all know someone who burns 100 calories and to celebrate that consumes extra 400. Working out does not  work like that it only takes you towards disaster as there are no results even after working for months and one day tired and depressed you will quit the gym. This is not healthy. Treating yourself after work out is common but try to eat some healthy salads. Or a smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables is also the key to go.