Romantic Rides On Srinagar Waterways: A 6 Days Trip Guide

romantic rides on Srinagar

In the lap of the Himalayas, lies the scenic city of Srinagar of Kashmir Valley. The lakes of the city offers romantic rides on Srinagar waterways for couples. Srinagar is often known as the Venice of the East.

One of the primary reasons for this comparison is its intricate network of serene waterways. That further weave through the heart of the city.

For couples seeking a romantic escape, here’s a 6 day trip to explore Srinagar’s waterways. It firstly offers an enjoyable journey.

This guide meanwhile unveils the top romantic rides on Srinagar lakes to enjoy. Enjoy dreamy shikara rides on the Dal Lake to hidden gems along the Jhelum River. That will transform your visit into a love filled escapade.

Day 1: Arrival and Shikara Ride on the Dal Lake

Your romantic escape begins the moment you touch down in Srinagar. The Srinagar Airport, is in between the snow capped peaks. It firstly sets the tone for the stunning beauty that awaits you.

As you drive into the city, the air becomes crisp. That is further filled with the aroma of pine and the warmth of saffron. With you can plan your trip with an ease. Check into a charming hotel or a houseboat for an authentic Kashmiri experience.

In the late afternoon, head straight to Dal Lake, the jewel in Srinagar’s crown. Step onto a shikara, the local wooden boat filled with vivid carpets and canopies. Let the boatman firstly guide you through the network of waterways.

Dal Lake, contains floating gardens and charming views of the Zabarwan Range. That further makes it the perfect canvas for a romantic evening. As the sun sets behind the mountains, it casts a golden glow on the water. Meanwhile, you and your partner can immerse in the magic of this serene lake.

Day 2: Nigeen Lake and a Houseboat Stay

On the second day, escape the bustle of Dal Lake and venture to quieter Nigeen Lake. Often known as the twin of Dal Lake, Nigeen offers a more secluded and intimate experience. The lake is fringed by willow trees, and its crystal clear waters reflect the nearby hills.

It meanwhile creates a serene ambiance. Hire a shikara or a paddleboat to explore the hidden corners of Nigeen. There the only sounds are the gentle ripples and the distant calls of water birds.

For an immense experience, spend the night on a local Kashmiri houseboat. That is further anchored on Nigeen Lake.

These houseboats, filled with minute woodwork and lavish furnishings. Above all, it provide a pleasant and cozy setting for a night filled with romance.

Day 3: Floating Gardens and Mughal Gardens

The third day is to explore the unique floating gardens on Dal Lake. They are created by weaving together layers of floating vegetation and soil.

These gardens are a marvel of ingenuity. Glide through the floating markets on a shikara, witness the vibrant displays of flowers and vegetables. Meanwhile, feel the pulse of life on the lake.

During the afternoon, visit the Mughal Gardens. They are a symbol to the grandeur of the Mughal era. Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi are the crown jewels of these gardens.

Each one meanwhile offers a tranquil space for romantic walks and quiet talks. The properly manicured lawns, flowing fountains, and ancient designs create a timeless backdrop. That is perfect for your romantic escape.

Day 4: Lidder River Rafting and Pahalgam Excursion

On the fourth day, take a day trip to Pahalgam, a charming town. That is further nestled along the banks of the Lidder River, about 95 kms from Srinagar. Pahalgam is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Engage in the thrilling activity of river rafting with your partner. During it, you may explore the gentle rapids of the Lidder. Witness the stunning vistas of pine clad mountains and lush meadows. They meanwhile adds a touch of adventure to your romantic journey.

After the rafting adventure, explore the quaint streets of Pahalgam. The town’s laid back charm, gets coupled with its vibrant local markets. They firstly offers the perfect setting for a lazy afternoon stroll.

Share a quiet meal at a local cafe, enjoying the flavors of Kashmiri cuisine. The scenic drive back to Srinagar during the evening. Meanwhile, enjoy the sun setting over the Pir Panjal Range. That sets the stage for a romantic end to the day.

Day 5: Shalimar Bagh and Hazratbal Shrine

Return to Shalimar Bagh on the fifth day, this time in the soft morning light. The garden, designed with terraced lawns and flowing water.

It further takes on a unique charm as the day begins. Allow yourselves to get lost in the peace of the ambiance. Meanwhile, you may capture moments that will last a lifetime.

During the afternoon, embark further on a shikara ride to the famous Hazratbal Shrine. Located on the northern shores of Dal Lake, this is a pristine white marble shrine. It is nestled among the neatly manicured gardens.

The calm waters and divine ambiance make it an ideal spot for couples. There, they may meanwhile seek moments of introspection and bonding. Take the time to absorb the beauty of the ambiance before returning to the bustling city.

Day 6: Dachigam National Park and Farewell Shikara Ride

As your romantic journey in Srinagar nears its end. Venture further beyond the city to Dachigam National Park on the sixth day. About 22 kms from Srinagar, this is a protected area.

That is known for its diverse wildlife, for example the rare Hangul deer. Take a guided nature walk through the park, hand in hand with your partner. Meanwhile, immerse yourselves in the unseen wilderness. The pristine landscapes and the call of bird species create a pleasant setting for nature lovers.

During the evening, bid farewell to Srinagar with a final shikara ride on Dal Lake. Meanwhile, allow the gentle ripples in the water to carry away the stress of daily life. They leave you with the pleasant memories of a romantic trip in the heart of Kashmir.


Srinagar, with its charming water ways and stunning landscapes, offers a number of romantic experiences. That meanwhile weave enjoyable moments for couples.

This 6 day trip guide is designed to help you navigate the city’s most romantic rides. That further starts from the famous Dal Lake to the hidden gems along the Lidder River.

Whether you are floating on a shikara, staying in a local houseboat, exploring floating gardens. You may embark further on a visit in Pahalgam.

In short, Srinagar offers the perfect backdrop for a pleasant escape. Let the magic of the romantic rides on Srinagar waterways create a love story. That will be meanwhile etched in your hearts forever.