The 7 Most Popular Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show giveaways

Promotional products with your brand’s logo and company name can make an impact when exhibiting at a trade show. These trade show giveaways can leave a lasting impression on those visiting your booth. Many people enjoy practical little trinkets, and these giveaways are a great way to have people take home items that may have your name and phone number on them for them to remember and refer back to later. With all the different ways you could promote your business, giveaways can be a small but effective marketing strategy. There are many different kinds of giveaways that you see at trade shows all around the world, and some leave a better impression and are more practical and popular than others.

Why Trade Show Giveaways Matter

Trade Show Giveaways

Brand Awareness

Giving away branded promotional items helps to increase brand recognition and recall. Attendees are more likely to remember your company if they leave with a tangible reminder in hand.

Engaging Potential Clients

Giveaways act as conversation starters, enticing people to visit your booth and learn more about your products or services. They also provide an opportunity to gather valuable contact information for follow-up communications.


A unique, high-quality giveaway can set your brand apart from competitors, making you more memorable in the eyes of potential clients.

Building Relationships

By offering a useful or meaningful gift, you demonstrate goodwill and create a positive association with your brand. This can lead to stronger relationships with clients and industry partners.

Selecting the Right Trade Show Giveaway


Align with Your Brand

Choose a giveaway that reflects your brand identity and values. For example, if you promote eco-friendly products, opt for reusable or sustainable items.

Consider Your Target Audience

Think about the needs and interests of your ideal customers. Will they appreciate a practical item like a USB charger, or would they prefer a trendy tech gadget?

Quality vs. Quantity

Balance the cost of the giveaway with the expected return on investment. Investing in a few high-quality items may yield better results than distributing a large volume of cheap, forgettable trinkets.

Functionality and Utility

Opt for items that are useful to your target audience, as they are more likely to be retained and used regularly, keeping your brand top of mind.


Personalize your giveaways with your company logo, tagline, or a unique design that reflects your brand. Customization can turn a generic item into a memorable promotional tool.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Trade Show Giveaways


Strategic Distribution

Be selective when handing out giveaways to ensure they reach your target audience. Consider offering a tiered approach with different items for general attendees and VIP clients.

Create Buzz

Generate excitement about your giveaways through pre-event marketing, social media, and on-site signage. Encourage booth visitors to share their new swag on social media, amplifying your brand’s reach.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action

Encourage recipients to take action, such as visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or scheduling a product demo. This can help to convert giveaway recipients into leads or customers.

Leverage Data Collection

Use your giveaways as an opportunity to collect valuable attendee information. Implement a system for tracking leads generated through your trade show giveaways, enabling you to measure their effectiveness and improve your strategy for future events.

Evaluate and Adapt

After the trade show, assess the success of your giveaway strategy. Gather feedback from booth visitors, analyze lead generation data, and use this information to refine your approach for future events.

Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Water Bottles

Reusable Water Bottles

A high-quality, branded water bottle is both practical and eco-friendly. With the increased focus on sustainability, reusable water bottles can appeal to a wide audience, making them an ideal giveaway.

Sustainable Tote Bags

Not only are tote bags extremely practical to use in your everyday life, but they are also practical for your visitors to have right in the moment. Everybody knows that you usually get a lot of free stuff when you attend a trade fair. That stuff can be anything from giveaways and mentos to flyers and business cards. Whatever the stuff you get, having a place to put it all in while finishing up your trade show experience is highly beneficial. This reusable bag can also help leave the impression that your company is an environmentally friendly one, and that can make a significant impact on many people. 

Calendars and Lip Balm

Lower ticket items you might be interested in giving away include calendars and lip balm. Although many people access their calendars on their phones, wall calendars remain quite popular today. Some may use it as decoration or to write on for future events. Whatever the reason they want the calendar for, you can rest assured knowing that your logo and company name will be seen throughout every month of the year with your calendar in their home. Lip balm is a fun little trinket that serves immense practical value as almost everyone gets dry lips now and again. It is also something small that can be easily taken from place to place, making this one of the great trade show giveaways

Wireless Speakers and Power Banks

If you want more big ticket items to give away during a raffle or a drawing, wireless speakers and power banks are popular prizes in the trade show market. Many people would enjoy the chance to win a speaker; it can be used everywhere with your brand name. Power banks are so practical in a world of constant cell phone usage. The thing about power banks is that it can be used over and over again, and when someone pulls it out to charge their phone, they will see your logo and think of you. These fun and practical giveaways are popular among visitors and can increase trade booth attendance with people looking to win these items. 

PopSockets or Phone Grips

These small, affordable items are trendy and practical, offering an opportunity to put your logo in the hands of attendees. They are lightweight and easy to distribute, making them an attractive option for trade show giveaways.

Webcam Covers

As privacy concerns grow, webcam covers are becoming increasingly popular. Offering a branded webcam cover shows that your company values privacy and security, appealing to potential clients.

High-Quality Pens

While pens may seem like a mundane giveaway, a high-quality, stylish pen can make a lasting impression. Choose pens with unique features or designs to differentiate them from standard promotional pens.

The Best Way to Stand Out With Trade Show Trinkets

Trade Show trinket

Trade shows can cover many different industries, and it doesn’t matter which one you are a part of – anyone can leave a lasting impression with promotional products if it is done strategically. In an arena where standing out is the game’s name, go with some of these popular giveaways to make an impression. Custom displays for trade shows and giveaways are some surefire ways to gain more attendance and get more exposure for your brand and company. Using some of these popular ideas is sure to help you stand out and help you to be remembered in the long run.

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