What is Hypospadias? It’s Causes and Treatment Options


Hypospadias is a birth problem that happens in boys. It affects how their private parts work. Instead of the pee opening being at the tip of the penis, it’s somewhere underneath. Sometimes, when a baby is growing in their mom’s belly, things might not develop the usual way.

This can lead to issues with going to the bathroom and other stuff. This article will discuss hypopadias, its effects on individuals, and medical interventions, including special surgery, that doctors can perform to help. Additionally, we will touch upon related topics, such as penile enlargement surgery cost, providing a comprehensive understanding of these medical procedures.

Understanding Hypospadias

Hypospadias is one of the most common birth defect affecting the male genitalia. It usually becomes apparent during the first few years of life, and its severity can vary. The milder forms may only result in a slightly misplaced urethral opening, while more severe cases can involve a significant displacement, affecting the overall functionality of the penis.

Causes of Hypospadias

While the exact cause of hypopadias not clear, it seems both genetics and environment may be the cause. Some research suggests that hormonal changes while a baby is developing in the mother womb might be a cause of hypospadias. Additionally, certain medications and maternal exposure to toxins may contribute to the occurrence of this condition.

Impact on Individuals

Hypospadias can have physical, emotional, and psychological impacts on affected individuals. Physically, it may affect urinary function, sexual performance, and fertility. Growing up and realizing how our bodies are different can be tough, especially during the teenage years. It can make people feel emotional and stressed. It’s important to have these conversations and to ensure that patients receiving them receive the appropriate medical attention and support. This helps them feel better overall.

Diagnosis of Hypospadias

Diagnosing hypospadias typically occurs shortly after birth during a routine physical examination. The healthcare provider will assess the location of the urethral opening and the overall appearance of the genitalia. Sometimes, doctors may take more pictures inside the body to understand how serious the condition is.

Treatment Options

Observation: In mild cases, where the displacement is minimal and does not significantly impact function, a “wait-and-see” approach may be recommended. Regular monitoring ensures that any potential complications are identified and addressed promptly.

Hypospadias Surgery

Surgical intervention is often the primary treatment for moderate to severe cases of hypospadias. Hypospadias surgery is done to move the pee hole to its usual place at the end of the penis. The procedure involves correcting the curvature of the penis and ensuring proper urinary and sexual function.

  • In the operation, the doctor might use tissues from the person’s own body to fix the tube that carries pee (urethra) and make it look more normal. How well the surgery  will goes depend on a number of factors, such as how serious the issue is and how experienced the surgeon is doing the treatment.

Parents need to know a lot about the surgery and what could go wrong or right. Looking after someone after their operation is crucial for things to go smoothly. It’s really important to stay connected with the doctor to get advice related to health.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost in Delhi

While penile enlargement surgery is a separate procedure from hypospadias surgery, it is relevant to address the issue of cost, especially for those considering such elective surgeries in the region.

Delhi, being a hub for medical tourism, offers various options for penile enlargement surgeries. However, it’s crucial to approach these procedures with caution and prioritize reputable medical professionals and clinics over cost considerations.

  • Penile enlargement surgery cost in delhi can vary based on the specific procedure, the surgeon’s expertise, and the facility’s reputation. Potential candidates should thoroughly research and consult with qualified healthcare providers to make informed decisions.


Hypospadias is a congenital condition that requires careful evaluation and appropriate management. While mild cases may not necessitate immediate intervention, moderate to severe cases often require hypospadias surgery to ensure proper function and address potential psychological impacts. Understanding the available treatment options and considering factors such as penile enlargement surgery cost in Delhi for related procedures can contribute to informed decision-making. Ultimately, a multidisciplinary approach involving skilled healthcare professionals, informed parents, and supportive care is crucial for the holistic well-being of individuals with hypospadias.

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