Criminal Law Vs Criminal Psychology: An Academic Evaluation


Studying about different crimes and criminals can be exciting, especially for people who are driven towards crime documentaries or true crime stories. Behind every crime, there is a motive that regular people might overlook. But as a criminal lawyer and a criminal psychologist you would have to thoroughly examine the crime scene, the relationship between the victim and the criminal, and the motive of the crime. These are some major points that both criminal lawyer and psychologist would keep in mind before pursuing a case and to highlight, criminal law and psychology are two completely different fields and deals differently with criminals, the common factor in both cases.

Academically speaking, criminal law is a sub-field of law that deals with the offenses and punishments related to the crime and its very rare of them if end up to provide law assignment writing service or change their field after putting so many efforts and time into this education. Usually heir main motive is to punish the criminal who disrupted the peace of the society. Whereas, a criminal psychologist would try to understand the motive behind a criminal’s actions. Their main motive is to evaluate the situation and figure out the possible trigger that leads the criminal to take an inhumane step. Both the criminal lawyer and the psychologist will have to work together to get to the bottom of a case. Let’s evaluate the differences between criminal psychology and criminal law. 

  • Education and training 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Professional environment 

Education And Training: 

When you talk about criminal law, you would know that an individual who is studying criminal law would have to complete their Bachelor’s degree in law and then pursue an undergraduate law program. This will help them get ready for the bar exam. After passing the bar, they can officially apply for training at any law firm. 

A criminal psychologist would choose their field of study after pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once they are done with their Bachelor’s, they can officially pursue their Master’s degree in criminal psychology. These are the minimum requirements for a person to use the term “psychologist” next to their name. 

Roles And Responsibilities: 

As a criminal lawyer, your main role is to get to the bottom of the case. You must find all the evidence, interview the witness, represent your client in court, and build a successful case for yourself to present in court. A criminal lawyer has a clear understanding of the law and their motive is to develop a compelling case strategy to defend their client. 

On the other hand, a criminal psychologist will work on a case as a part of the forensics team. Their main responsibility is to read a criminal’s profile, study the crime scene, judge the behavior of both criminal and the victim, and give a mental health evaluation after thoroughly looking at the case. 

Professional Environment: 

A criminal lawyer will most likely work at a law firm than provide do my assignment services. Their professional environment would include their office and court. As a lawyer they would be expected to show up at court whenever deemed necessary. They also have to visit the prison to have a conversation with the offender during a case. 

As a criminal psychologist, your work environment would consist of a law enforcement agency. You would also be asked to visit the victim or the criminal at the facility they are being held at. You would have to build a profile for offenders showing their behavioral patterns. 

Both criminal psychologists and criminal lawyers would work together to get to the bottom of a case. A lawyer would need help from a criminal psychologist to understand the behavioral patterns of the offender and the victim to come to a just conclusion. Both of these fields are paramount in a society.

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