Embracing Confidence: The Ultimate Guide to Teen Bras

Teen Bras

The Journey to Self-Love Begins with Comfort

A good bra for a teen is one that embraces and comforts. Young girls are going through big shifts as they grapple with changing bodies and hormones. As young girls experience the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty, a garment that hugs you back can go a long way in making the journey fun. A well-fitting, comfortable and supportive bra that’s stylish and playful can foster self-love and confidence. That’s why BRABAR’s mission focuses steadfastly on designing bras that celebrate every girl’s unique individuality, from breast size, shape and beyond the body – to style and personality. 

Understanding the Importance of a Well-Fitted Bra

A badly-fitted bra isn’t just about the discomfort. It impacts your confidence and health. Similarly, a well-fitted bra isn’t just about aesthetics. It impacts your physical and emotional well-being. A badly-fitted bra can negatively impact your posture which in turn impacts your body image, causes skin irritations and causes back and shoulder pain. On the other hand, a well-fitted bra improves posture and body image, and ensures you’re always comfortable and standing tall. 

The Surprising Statistics: How Many Girls Wear the Wrong Bra Size

More girls are wearing the wrong bra size than girls who are wearing the right bra size. When girls come to BRABAR, they’re often shocked to find that they’ve been wearing the wrong bra size all along. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 girls are wearing the improper size. Which means, 8 out of 10 girls are wearing a bra that doesn’t support posture, good health and body image. BRABAR’s bras are good bras for teen girls because girls get to be fitted into an accurate size and can avail of personalized fitting sessions. Personalized fitting sessions include style recommendations which make the process of embracing physical change, so much more fun for young girls. 

Demystifying Bra Sizing with BRABAR’s E-Z Fit Method

BRABAR’s EZ- Fit method ensures every girl wears a bra that’s true to her size. Girls measure their underbust to arrive at their band size. The band is the section of the bra that sits right below the breasts and offers complete support and lift to them. Then, they measure their over bust and determine breast volume or cup size by subtracting the underbust size from the overbust size. Every inch of a difference of the cup size corresponds to a different bra cup alphabet. But, the bra size is a combination of band size and bra cup alphabet, in this way ensuring that every girl wears a bra that fits correctly at the band ensuring maximum support and lift, and that fits properly at the cup, ensuring that both breasts are properly held and supported. 

For more on how to measure for BRABAR’s EZ-Fit Method, head over to their detailed description of the process here. While detailed, the process of measuring bra size and measurements is extremely easy to follow and execute by teen girls and older women alike. You can also book a personalized fitting session at the BRABAR studio. 

BRABAR caters to girls of band sizes 28-38 and cup sizes AAA to DDD, ensuring that no girl is left out in finding the perfect match. 

Embracing Your Natural Shape with Wirefree/Wireless Designs

BRABAR’s teen bras are the best bras for teens because they do away with underwires. Replace them with superior fabric design and construction, instead. Each teen bra is made from ultra stretchable fabric and knit yarn offering targeted bust support. This means that the fabric stretches and makes room for growing breasts. It also means that each bra supports breasts by molding fabric to the natural shape of the girl’s breasts, enhancing their natural shape. This is the best way for young teens to accept and love their bodies rather than attempt to change shape or size. As is often seen in petite girls with the use of underwires or excessive padding. Similarly, the natural and sustainable fabric blends stretch and contour breasts to offer gentle shaping to full busted teens gently nudging towards self-love and confidence. 

Accommodating Every Body: BRABAR’s Inclusive Size Range

BRABAR’s teen bras cater to a wide range of body types and sizes. Every bra fits girls of band sizes 28-38 and cup sizes AAA to DDD. The brand’s best teen bras come in a variety of silhouettes from halter necks to cami bras. Strapless bras to suit every styling need and wardrobe personality. Teen girls find these bras cute and love styling them in many different ways. 

More than Just a Bra: Fostering Body Positivity and Self-Confidence

BRABAR wants to build habits young. The brand wants to build a community of empowered young women who learn to love. Their growing bodies and find beauty in the authenticity of who they are. A bra can go a long way in enhancing confidence through proper support, posture and comfort. The brand wants young girls to learn to never settle beginning with knowing what feels right and what feels wrong. A badly-fitted bra just feels wrong and demanding to be sized to a bra that feels right, is every girl’s right!  The #BRABARMOVEMENT is a community of young girls and teens who support each other in this journey of self-love and confidence. 

We’re not all the same but we’re not that different and there’s beauty in every size and shape! 

Finding Yourself with BRABAR

The teenage years can be a time of intense change but amidst all. The chaos and physical changes and rollercoaster high school years is the beauty of growth. Join other BRABAR girls in learning more about your breasts, their unique size, shape and beauty! Grow to love yourself with bras that grow with you, as they shift and change. Learn what styles work best for you and your lifestyle and which ones don’t as a unique form of self-expression. Every teen bra at BRABAR tells a story and that story is yours!