Guide to Design a Remarkable Custom Jewelry Boxes?


Jewelry is an art and an essential fashion luxury.   In the past, jewelry was considered a status symbol. Today, it has become a fashion statement.  These artistic pieces of jewelry require premium packaging. Custom jewelry boxes are an excellent choice for showcasing jewelry on the front shelves of stores.  An innovative design product’s packaging is an effective tool to excel in competition and win clients’ hearts at first sight.   Do you want to give buyers a memorable shopping experience with an exclusive product’s packaging? This blog is a step-by-step guide to crafting an exciting and eye-captivating custom box for jewelry. Let’s read without further ado. 

Consider the Size of the Jewelry Box:

Jewelry encapsulates a wide range of products like earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, bangles, and many more. Each piece of jewelry has unique dimensions. That’s why it becomes obligatory for brands to choose a box of the right size that fits well with their products. Brands can finalize the size of custom jewelry boxes by measuring the accurate dimensions of products. 

Opt for Handy and Stylish Design Boxes for jewelry :

When you are done with the box’s size, the box’s design comes. It is the product’s presentation that matters. The overall value of products lies in the design of packaging. When choosing the box’s design, it must also be convenient to ship and handle. Examples of suitable box styles for custom jewelry packaging are given here: two-piece boxes, tray and sleeve packaging, suitcase boxes, drawer boxes, rigid boxes with magnetic closures, etc. You can choose a suitable box that aligns with the brand’s products. 

Choose Finest Materials for Custom Jewelry Boxes:

High-valued diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry are likely to get rusted. Quality packaging that can withstand external pressures, tinctures, etc., is required. The overall quality of packaging relies on the material. Selecting materials for wholesale jewelry boxes is a highly strenuous task. However, we are going to recommend top-notch materials. These involve kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid. All these materials are 100% eco-friendly and robust as well. 

Add Logo Design to For Brand’s Promotion:

Brand marketing is the most obligatory thing for brands to excel in the competitive environment and establish separate identities. You can only expect to create a promotional package by designing a logo on the package. Apart from the brand’s name and logo, we suggest embellishing the packaging with interesting artwork, graphics, product illustrations, etc. The client’s interest develops when they see a stunning design printed jewelry box

Select Top-Notch Printing Methods:

Moving ahead, there comes the step of choosing printing methods and color schemes. A good color scheme and delightful printed patterns enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. In the world of packaging, offset and digital printing methods have become quite popular. You can pick out the color schemes from CMYK and PMS. If you are unsatisfied with your color choice, no need to worry. Most of the packaging brands assist clients in making the right choices. 

Give Luxury Feel to Packaging with Finishing’s:

This customization step aims to give wholesale jewelry boxes a sophisticated and luxurious feel. There are a plethora of additional solutions to garnish packaging. These involve gloss finish, matt lamination, spot UV, PVC sheet, die-cuts, aqueous coating, embossing, debossing, hot foil stamping, etc. You can make final decisions following your preferences. 

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